Bhaskar the Rascal – Malayalam Movie Review .

Starring : Mammooty , Nayanthara , Master Sanoop , Baby Anikha , Janardhanan.

Direction : Siddique

Plot : The story revolves Bhaskar (Mammooty) who is a lovable trouble maker,with a heart of gold, and the events that unfold in his life when he comes across well mannered Hima (Nayanthara).

My take : I have been patiently waiting to watch this movie ever since the project was announced , mainly because of my adoration towards Mammooty . Bhaskar the rascal is a collaboration between Mammooty and Siddique after a period of 10+ years. This duo have churned out hit movies like Hitler and Chronic Bachelor . The style quotient remains the same or I must say, it is better , to suit the new age.

Bhaskar is a rich successful business man and a widower , raising up his son , Adi(Master Sanoop) , with the help of his father , Banker Sankar (Janardhanan). Due to certain circumstances , which is mentioned in brief , Bhaskar had to discontinue his studies and take over business . These circumstances lead him to being the brash person he is now , which Adi doesn’t favor of very much.

Hima is a single mother raising up her daughter Shivani(Baby Anikha). Shivani and Adi are best friends in school.Hima prefers to maintain a low profile , staying away from the public , much contrary to Bhaskar. Shivani adores Adi’s papa and vice versa between Adi and Hima . Soon the children hatch up a plan to get Adi’s Papa and Shivani’s Mummy , married.

But just before interval , Sanjay Sharma , Hima’s former boyfriend and Shivani’s dad,who was considered dead , makes a foray into the story. The unfolding of events once Sanjay , enters makes up for the rest of the story.

Performances : Mammooty is the saving grace of BTR. There are a few laughter evoking scenes. The same stale jokes have been shown again. The script is a total let down. Nayanthara does not have anything much to do , other than put up a sad face , act irritated and cry most of the time.

The children are very annoying with their adult like talks . The movie lacks elements of innocence ,which the audience would like to see in children. The dialogues for the children are what grown up friends would discuss amongst themselves.(For ex: Amma ne elaam marannu snehikaan oru aalundu .) Watch this movie in theaters only for Mammooty , otherwise wait for the DVD to release.

Rating :

Bookmyshow : 3/10

Sify : 2/5

Remos Rating : 1/5.


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