Piku – Hindi Movie Review.

Starring : Amitabh Bachchan , Deepika Padokune , Irffan Khan , Moushmi Chatterji , Jishu Sengupta .

Direction : Shoorjit Sarcar.

Story : This is about a father daughter relationship that revolves around the father’s bowel movements . Piku(Deepika) and Bhaskor Banerjee(Amitabh Bachchan) are Bengali’s settled in Delhi after her mother s demise. Piku is a partner in a architecture company along with Syed(Jishu Sengupta). The daily routine of Bhaskar and Piku , revolve around bhaskor s bowel movement , blood pressure followed by the family doctors visit. Bhaskor comes across as an irritating person who thinks only about himself , seldom picking up arguments with people around.He believes marriage is for people with low IQ and hence , doesn’t want Piku to get married. Rann choudhary(Irffan Khan) is the owner of Himachal taxi company which Piku uses very often to move within the city . The cab drivers are wary of trips with Piku coz of her weird nature, where she forces drivers to drive fast without stopping anywhere so that she can make for meetings in time. When drivers refuse to turn up on a road trip from Delhi to Calcutta for Piku and Bhaskor,Rann volunteers to drive them. The father daughter relationship is portrayed beautifully ,not for once does the selfish father appear to be a burden to Piku. The topic of constipation which people find embarrassing to talk about in public , is dealt painlessly like any other topic, which is discussed over the dining table , phone calls ,  in the car etc.Bhaskor believes motion is lined with emotion. Piku has many hilarious moments . the scene where bhaskor introduces Piku to the artist from San Fransisco had me splitting in laughter . Amitabh bachchan has played the role of the constantly irritating and bickering Bhaskor meticulously . he is the perfect fit for the role . The happiness he portrays on his face while riding a bicycle through Calcutta is my favourite scence . It shows the happiness of a person who has been longing to be on his own , to do things he likes .

Deepika Padakone who plays the title role has essayed the role to conviction.She is not embarassed to admit that she has sexual needs and that she is on a casual need based relation with Syed.

The supporting characters like Moushmi Chaterjee , Irffan Khan have supported the movie very well. This movie is to be watched on the big screen .

Impressive Quotes : We know everything about constipation .

My daughter is not a virgin , she is financially and sexually independant , on a need basis.

Death aur Shit kabhi bhi , kahi bhi aa sakthi hai.


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