Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Must Watch Paisa Vasool Entertainer .

Starring : Kangana Ranaut , R Madhavan , Deepak Dobriyal , Swara Bhaskar , Eijaz Khan.

Direction : Aanand L Rai.

Plot : TWMR is set 4 years after Tanu & Manu’s wedding . The movie starts in London, with Tanu(Kangana Ranaut) and Manu(Madhavan) visiting St Benedicts Asylum for a marriage counselling . Each one starts to put their concerns down. Tanu feels Manu is the most boring person on earth, he is not humorous enough,lacks excitement and the ‘spark’. Manu is annoyed because after a couple of drinks Tanu starts to flirt with other men in front of him , she poured a bottle of coke over his friend’s wife’s head and she also intoxicated children at a crèche with alcohol, that Manu had set up for Tanu. Finally things turn into a heated argument with Manu losing his cool , due to which he gets admitted in the asylum. After being alone for days, Tanu decides to leave for Kanpur .Meanwhile she asks Pappi(Deepak Dobriyal) to get Manu out of the ‘paagal khaana’. Soon after leaving the asylum,Manu also leaves for India.

Tanu’s father is not very happy to have her around without Manu.After reaching India , Manu half heartedly sends a divorce letter to Tanu, with the hope that she will return to him, once she receives it .Manu desperately waits for Tanu to return , afterwards. Tanu who still wants to get back to Manu, is outraged on receiving the divorce letter. She soon sets out to meet all her ex boyfriends and finds out that all of them are happily settled and have moved on. She meets Raja Awasthi(Jimmy Shergill) also and gets to know that he too has moved on and his marriage is also fixed.

Meanwhile , Manu is at Delhi university to deliver a lecture on cardio vascular problems and sees Kusum(Kangana Ranaut) there , who is Tanu’s look alike. After following her for days , he tells her that she is Tanu’s look alike and that he loves her. She too reciprocates . Manu decides to meet her brother to discuss about his marriage with Kusum , and there he gets to know that Raja Awasthi’s wedding has been fixed with Kusum. The rest of the movie is about the impact on Tanu when she gets to know about Manu and Kusum , the different ways she tries to woo her husband back and more about Kusum and Manu.


My Take : I decided to watch this movie for three reasons , the first one being , I liked Tanu weds Manu , second one being , I find Kangana Ranaut to be a brilliant actress and the last reason is that I found the trailer interesting and very hilarious. TWMR is laughter ride from the word ‘go’, it stays true to its trailer.Kangana Ranaut is the show stealer of the movie,she is truly wonderful on the screen . Kangana as Tanu and Kusum are mindblowing . Watching her in two different roles was a double whammy for me. Kusum has been enacted with much perfection . The body language of an athlete , like the pace at which an athlete walks , the posture of an athlete has been portrayed well. The Haryanvi dialect has been spoken with so much of fluency.The make up and the costume has also been taken care of , like the tan and the small red spots ,on Kusum’s nose and cheeks. Kusum is a true athlete at heart , she wears sneakers with churidar as well .She has her head held high because she is proud of being a state athlete . Kusum is younger and has the naiveness of a young college going student. Kangana as Tanu is pretty much the same as in Tanu weds Manu, bold , brash, arrogant,loud and lives in her own world,most of the time. My heart goes to Kusum . The scene that stays close to my heart is the 2 minute speech by Kusum, at the wedding , where she explains to Tanu that she is not an illiterate girl like she thinks and that she can look after her family. This one had the audience clapping for her. Madhavan as Manu , did have a lot of screen space,but his expressions were more or less limited to the brooding desperate husband.I think Manu’s character did not require anything else. Deepak Dobriyal’s comedy timing is very good and he too has added, to a lot of hilarious moments , especially the scenes where he was going to kidnap Komal. I definitely would like to know what happened to Komal,because there was no mention of her after that.

Another supporting actor who deserves a mention is Payal(Swara Bhaskar),Tanu’s best friend.. The songs were rightly placed and came at perfect timings , like Move on , move on , Bannoo teri sweater laage sexy and mat jaa.

The climax of the movie is unpredictable till the last minute. I did not feel bored even for a minute .Something I found very interesting is that , the audience loved Kangana Ranaut so much that they were clapping for many of her scenes , especially Kusum’s.I found this interesting because I have hardly seen people clap for a female star. For me, TWMR to be a typical paisa vasool entertainer . This one is not to be missed.

Quotes that caught me :

Voh , paagal khaane mein hai.

Dekh … Kabootar.

Let there be light , let there be life.

You already misbehaved the deadline.


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