Premam can happen to anyone , anytime .

Starring : Nivin Pauly,Kichu,Sabareesh Varma ,Sai Pallavi, Madonna Sebastian, Anupama Parameshwaran.

Direction : Alphone Putharen

Plot :

Premam is Alphonse Putharen’s second outing as a director and it revolves around the life of George(Nivin Pauly) and his two friends , from 2000 to 2015. The movie is primarily set in three stages , one focusing on their teenage days , the other focusing on college life and the last that focuses on life post 30. This is the basic plot .premam is to be watched to know more about the plot.

My take :

Premam has its heart in the right place. Nivin Pauly is getting better with each new release of his.The efforts he has put into look and behave like a 16 year old is commendable . The excitement ,fear and many other feelings of a person falling in love for the first time has been portrayed excellently by Nivin. Also the scenes where he tries to woo Malar(Sai Pallavi) are excellent. The campus scenes in premam have been portrayed with much reality that it took me back to my college days. The scene were the audience hoot at George and friends dancing, was one scene that reminded me of my college.We too used to hoot even before the program started. The canteen scenes were pretty much relatable since my college canteen was one such place where I too used to spent a lot of my time during my college days . Fort Vinay has lot many hilarious scenes .

The icing on the cake is a guest appearance by Ranji Paniker as George s dad . The camaraderie between the three friends reminded me of my friends who have been with me for around the time span and they too have stood with me ,supported ,encouraged ,warned and have scolded me just like the way the three boys do to each other . The scenes are realistic and  relatable that they reminded me of my friends . Sabareesh Varma and Kichu are to be watched for , they have equal screen space as that of Nivin and have utilised it well.The philosophy of Premam to me is ,that love can happen to anybody ,anytime and anywhere ,it comes uninvited ,as fort Vinay mentions all it takes is a second to fall in love . Premam has got a soul and this should not be missed. I wouldn’t be surprised if I watch this a few more times.

Quotes that caught me :

Premam oru akila saagara mozhi aanu

Saare,njaan wig vechaalo

Premam thonaan oru second mathi

Don’t you ever try to bother me for such petty flimsy issues

Mary,ninne kaanan varutha chaala pole aa



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