Kaaka Muttai is a feel good national award winning movie .

Starring : Vignesh , Ramesh ,Iyshwarya Rajesh

Direction : Manikandan

Plot :

Kaaka muttai is directed by debutant director M Manikandan . The story is about two slum boys ,who identify themselves as chinna kaaka muttai and periya kaaka muttai. They pick up coal from railway tracks for a living . They are kaaka muttai’s because they eat crow eggs since they cannot afford chicken eggs everyday. One day the boys are surprised to see pizza stop , in place of their playground , which is inaugurated by film actor Simbu . Ever since the boys see Simbu eating pizza,they too want to have a slice of it. The rest of the story is about the heartwarming tale of the boys determination to have pizza.

My take : Kaaka muttai made me think about the harsh realities of life. The kakka muttai s have two TV s at home , but they do not have sufficient money to go to school or to have eggs on a daily basis.the televisions were distributed for free to ration card holders ,by the Tamil Nadu government ,so their grandma and mom ended up getting one each.

The inquisitiveness and determination of the boys to have pizza is well portrayed . They are impressed by the smell and look of the pizza ,that athi’s dosa pizza fails to impress them. The boys toil to make 300 rs to buy pizza ,which is very heart whelming to watch. Pizza is now a common food item for many Indians , but their plight made me think about those numerous under privileged people around ,who might wonder what a pizza tastes like . A rupee or two is not of much value to a lot of people, but the value of every single rupee in the eyes of the children has been captured very well by the director and well portrayed by the children .
The mother of the children follows a strict policy of not beating the children. The anger and pain that she goes through when she knows that her children were beaten by somebody else has been portrayed well. The movie is about their craving to have pizza and not once it’s the audience made to feel bad for the boys.
The climax is very touching though it is clichéd .kaaka muttai won the national award for the best children movie . this is a movie where children behave and talk like children and have the innocence of children , unlike many movies that have been released recently.

Quotes that caught me :

My name is chinna kaaka muttai , athu valya kaaka muttai.

Dey moothra vandi.
Ithu yen friend pazha rasam.


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