Jurassic World thrills in 3D.

Starring : Chris Patt , Bryce Dallas Howard , Irffan Khan 

Direction : Colin Treverrow

Plot : Zach and Greg are on their way to visit Aunt Clara , who is the operational manager at Jurassic World , a fully functional Dinousar theme park. The dinousars there are hybrid varieties bred in laboratories . There are different types of dinos, the flying dinos , the water dinos etc . Chris Patt (Owens) is an ex navy guy who trains the raptors . Irfan Khan (Masrani) is the owner of Jurassic World. The Indominous Rex is a ferocious and intelligent dinosaur , which is held in captivity because of its ferocious nature. All hell breaks when Indominous Rex breaks loose and comes out of its containment.

My Take : The fourth instalment of the Jurassic park series has nothing new to offer in terms of its story . I liked the performance of the kids , esp the younger one . Irffan Khan , has the owner of Jurassic World , is good.He has good screen presence .Jurassic world has to be watched in 3D to experience the thrills. The movie has some gory and loud moments which may not be suitable for small kids and those with a feeble heart . VFX has been used well and the scenes are to be watched for . One scene I particularly liked is where the aquatic dino jumps out to eat its bait . Reminded me of Shamu in sea world . Another scene I liked , was the one where Clara, who considers dinos as nothing but assets , gets emotional when she sees a Dino shudder in pain , after it is attacked by the indominous Rex.

Quotes that caught me :

Nothing in Jurassic world is real.

Who comes for a date in checkerboard shorts?

It ate its sibling .

Let’s make it clear . I am in charge and you obey all what I say . Is that clear ?

Asset out of containment .

Remometer : 3/5



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