The Age of Adaline is truly lengthy .


Starring : Blake Lively , Micheil Huisman , Harrison Ford

Direction : Lee Toland Krieger

Plot : Adaline was born in the year 1906. Adaline stops aging after 29 , following an accident . Lot of questions are raised regarding her never aging youthful looks. At a mall , one of Adaline’s friend compliments her telling she and her daughter , Fleming, look like sisters . She avoids that lady’s inquisitiveness. Adaline is pulled over by the cops for violating a traffic rule and the cop refuses to believe that she is 45. Following that incident , Adaline shifts to SFO . There the FBI holds her up for investigating about her non aging looks , following which she decides not to stay in any city for a long duration. She changes her identity while moving from place to place . Adeline tries not to form close bonds with anyone. Her only friend in her current city is a blind woman named Rayan,to whom Adaline is Jenny . Adaline meets Ellis at a new year’s eve party that she is attending with Rayan. It is love at first sight for Ellis. Inspite of avoiding Ellis’ advances , Adaline also reciprocates her feelings towards Ellis . What happens next forms the crux of the movie .


My Take : What attracted me to ‘The age of Adaline’ is the different storyline . Most of the movie revolves around Blake Lively and the movie entirely rests on her shoulders. She has emoted the various emotions like fear , pain , love , happiness etc well . Micheal Huisman is charming and has the looks of the boy next door . The moments between Adaline and Ellis are feel good moments .The moments between Fleming and the never aging mother could have been more heart whelming . Harrison Ford as the lover who still longs for Adaline after forty years is convincing.However , the movie drags in various parts .The frequent narrative is very irritating and is not called for .Some scenes like, where the moon’s crater is shown exploding could have been avoided .These few flaws in the movie was a huge let down for me. ‘The age of Adaline’ is not a must watch .


Quotes that caught me :

Hi , I am Jenny’s grandmother.

I keep putting my hands in the wrong place.

She was a wonderful woman.

Remometer : 2/5


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