‘Woman in Gold’ is extremely emotional

Starring : Ryan Reynolds ,Helen Mirren

Direction : Simon Curtis

Plot :Woman in gold is based on true incidents. The movie starts with Maria Altmann’s(Helen Mirren) sister’s funeral . It soon moves to Maria going through a few letters from her sister , which mentions about their aunt Adele’s paintings that were stolen by the Nazi’s which is illegally held in an Austrian gallery now. Maria fled to Los Angeles, , along with her husband,leaving her parents behind , during her younger days , because of the Nazis. The movie keeps moving back and forth between her days in Austria and now. The woman in gold is one among the 100000 paintings , the Nazis stole . Maria wants to get her aunt’s paintings back or at the least wants the Austrian government to admit that the paintings are being held illegaly .Randy(Ryan Reynolds) ,whose Austrian grandparents , fled to LA , around the same time as Maria , is Maria’s lawyer who is dealt with the task of getting the Woman in gold back. Initially he is reluctant in taking up the case,but the visit to the holocaust memorial ,where he sees his great grandparents names etched on the wall,change his mind. The plot revolves around getting the Woman in Gold back.

My Take : Like Randy , I was initially reluctant in watching this movie . I thought it would be another movie based on historical facts , but I was proved wrong.Woman in gold is extremely emotional. It is a single lady’s quest for justice. Helen Mirren as Maria Altman is the true star of woman in gold . There are times when she is enthusiastic about getting justice , but there are times she is simply tired .  The court scenes have been beautifully shot , so are the shots in Austria . The bonding between Maria and her aunt are emotional .The scenes involving the Nazis are chilling .The scenes where the Nazis storm in to Maria’s house and evaluate the paintings and other valuables , are heart wrenching. The particular scene where Maria and her husband , are trying to escape from Austria , had me at the edge of my seat . Ryan Reynolds as the persistent lawyer is good . This is his best I have watched till date. My only regret is that the real Maria Alttman is not alive to watch this beautiful movie , but I am sure the moment the verdict of the case was announced would have been the most beautiful to her.And that was the scene i loved the best. My heart went out to those who had to go through these atrocities in real,many of those who suffered in silence.It is such movies that remind me of how fortunate I am to not to have gone through such atrocities.



Quotes that caught me :

I want to go to Austria too , my daughter loves the Kangaroos.

We did our best and that is what matters.

Enjoy Disneyland.

No , No ..Monday’s are usually quiet days.

Remometer : 4/5


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