Acha Din has a promising start.

Cast : Mammooty , Padmarajan Ratheesh , Manasi Sharma , Maniyanpillai Raju ,Kunjan .

Direction : Marthandan

Plot : Acha Din is about the plight faced by the immigrant labourers in Kerala . Durgaprasad ( Mamooty) migrated from Jharkand to Cochin 20 years back along with his wife , Sheetal (Manasi Sharma). Durgaprasad is a do gooder who considers himself more of a Malayalee than a North Indian and speaks good Malayalam than most malayalees. After a long wait of 20 years and lot of treatments at the general hospital ,Sheetal gets pregnant . The doctors go on a strike on the day Sheetal is supposed to be admitted for delivery in the general hospital . As she is in a critical state , one of the doctors advises that it is better she gets moved to a private hospital soon . The private hospital demands Rs 1 lakh for Sheetal’s surgery. How DurgaPrasad gets the money for the surgery forms the remaining part of the story .

My thoughts : Acha din starts on a high note with the right amount of emotions addressing the right issues faced by immigrants and the poor in gods own country . But Acha din changes its course after one hour and fizzles out soon .Megastar Mammooty as Durga Prasad is brilliant as always . The scene that stands out to me is the one where he portrays the anxiety of a first time father . Manasi Sharma doesn’t have much of a role than that of the hero’s wife . Maniyanpillai Raju as the police office who is not very interested to perform his duties is good . Padmarajan Ratheesh needs to work on his physicue and dialogue delivery . Jaise adds a few funny dialogues to the movie . Renji Panicker has a guest appearance as the chief minister of Kerala. The body language and dialogue delivery resembles that of the current CM of kerala . The location for the movie is set in familiar places of Cochin like Broadway , marine drive and menaka, which makes the plot more relatable. Acha din can be watched in theaters for Mammooty.

Quotes that caught me :

Annu michaelangalo , innu quarterangelo.

Jai jihaad….. Throat infection.

Ayaal oru theevravaadi aayirunnu ennale paranjathu, nammalum vayasaakumbol angane aakumo?

Remometer : 2.5 / 5.


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