Ahalya a suspense thriller .

Cast – Radhika Apte ,Tata Roy Chowdhary , Soumita Chaterjee.

Direction : Sujoy Gosh

Plot : This is director Sujoy Gosh’s modern take on the mythological character , Ahalya’s story . As per mythology , she was the most beautiful woman on earth. As this is a thriller , more about the plot cannot be revealed here . 

My views : I have always liked short films . This short film lasts for 14 minutes and 10 seconds , but you will hardly notice the time passing. This is picturised on three characters . Ahalya in mythology was supposed to be the most prettiest woman . Radhika Apte as Ahalya does the fit the bill . The dusky lady is sensual , sexy and beautiful. The film starts by her leading us into her living room. Soumita Chaterjee as the ageing artist,with some amount of suspense to his character  adds spookiness also to his character . Tota Roy Chowdhary as Inspector Inder Kumar , is stone faced in the beginning . Later as the story gets spooky,his expressions change from fearless to fearful, which has been portrayed well. The director keeps the viewer guessing till the end about the mysterious falling of the dolls . 

The cinematographer has made good use of lights . 

The suspense is maintained till the end .In fact the climax was something I never imagined. However the end left me confused and asking for more.But let me tell you , I understood the story after googling about Ahalya’s story . So in order to actually understand , one needs to have a fairly good grip on mythical stories , failing which one would have been confused like me .

However , Ahalya, is short thrilling and exciting to watch . This is available on YouTube , please do not miss this . 

Quotes that caught me :

Her curves are my inspiration .

She is my wife .

Remometer : 3/5 



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