Bajrangi Bhaijaan – Zero bhaigiri with a large heart.

Cast: Salman Khan , Kareena Kapoor Khan , Harshaali Malhotra , Nawazuddin Siddique.

Direction: Kabir Khan

Plot: BB starts with close up views of the mighty Himalayas and slowly zooms into a family watching cricket in Pakistan and later settles down on Mihir Vij , who is pregnant with Shahida. Due to certain circumstances , Shahida and her mom have to travel to Delhi.On the way back , Shahida gets lost in India.She sees messiah in the form of Pawan (Salman Khan). Salman is a do gooder who wants to help everybody . He has been given a deadline of 6 months by Rasika’s(Kareena Kapoor Khan) father to set up a house of his own. That is when he stumbles upon Shahida/Munni and the task of getting her to her parents in Pakistan. How he overcomes the various hurdles on the way forms the crux of the story.

My view :

My view comes at a time when half the nation has already watched BB and the movie has crossed Rs 500 cr worldwide. Being an ardent Salman Khan fan, I normally would have watched this on the first day . However , due to certain unavoidable circumstances , I could catch this movie only yesterday. I believe my article will have some takers since there are still a few more people , who are yet to watch BB,

Salman Khan is in a never seen before avatar in BB , which is very different from his usual movies. He as a simpleton with not much of worldly knowledge , but a big heart and the faith that Bhajrangi will always be there for him , is a surprise and a wonder to watch at . The part has been played with much conviction by the star. His moments with Munni and the love , affection and determination he has to get munni to her parents is to be watched for. With this movie , he has proved that he is a directors actor. His dance moves are different from his usual wobbly moves. BB does not have too many action scenes barring one or two . This is one movie where Salman Khan has removed his trademark blue bracelet and doesn’t rip his shirt off even once . His transition from fearing muslims to somebody who fearlessly steps into a Darghah , has been portrayed well. BB has Salman who is differently macho from his earlier movies.

Kareena Kapoor is visible only in the first half of the movie . Though her role is that of the hero’s girl friend, she too has done her part brilliantly.

Nawazudeen Siddique as Chand Nawab is the power package of the movie . He adds humor to the second half , as the journalist who is on the desperate look out for his breaking news. The scene where he asks if Bajrangi is present in Pakistan is hilarious and evokes laughter in me each time I watch the scene.

Harshaali Malhotra as Munni/Shahida , who is mute as acted her part well. To get children to do what you want them to do is a tough task and Kabir Khan has succeeded in this. Scenes where she craves for chicken biriyani is funny. Another scene where she gets excited and impatient when she sees her mother in a video is brilliantly portrayed by the child.

Another character worth mentioning is the ,leather jacket clad bullet rider, Moulana played by Om Puri. His voice is as powerful as that of the bullet and it lends the seriousness and wiseness to the character. Though his role lasted hardly for 5 – 10 minutes , I am sure it has left a lasting effect on many.

The cinematography is beautiful .The beauty of Old Delhi , Kashmir and Kurukshetra have been captured picturesquely .

BB is a realistic take on a story which could be true. It poses questions on the never ending hatred between India and Pakistan . BB portrays the religious differences which many people have in their minds , the indo Kashmir issue. BB is Kabir Khan’s movie all through out , it has his stamp . He has made the actors act the directors way. My favorite line is where Om Puri poignantly says ‘Thoda Kuch Kashmir humare yaha bhi hai’.

This is a must watch for those who are wondering if BB needs to be watched. BB is a complete package with drama and humor in the right proportion.

Quotes that caught me



Yeh zaroor Brahmin hai…


Remometer : 4/5




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