Shaandaar trailer is indeed shandaar.

Cast : Pankaj Kapur , Shahid Kapoor , Alia Bhatt.

Direction : Vikas Behl.

My view

Shandaar is indeed shandaar(fabulous) in terms of its settings . Being a dharma production movie , this doesn’t come as a big surprise . The movie seems to be set in an expensive foriegn locale. I feel the same house that was used in K3G is used in this movie as well.

The movie seems to be set around a wedding , where the bride is Pankaj Kapur’s daughter . Alia Bhat looks like his second daughter and Shahid Kapoor is the wedding planner . This is the first time Shahid and Alia are being paired together.This pairing is fresh and the movie seems to be a fun watch . Moments between Pankaj Kapur and Shahid Kapur looks interesting . The trailer has

 witty scenes . On the whole , the movie looks fun .The director ,Vikas bahl has proved his credibility with movies like Chillar party and Queen. I will watch Shandaar because of the credibility of the director and for all the three lead actors .

Watch the trailer here : Shaandaar Trailer


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