Utopiyayile Rajavu – Old wine in a not so new bottle.

Cast : Mammooty , Jewel Mary , KPAC Lalitha , Joy Mathew , Tini Tom ,Sunil Sukhada .

Direction : Kamal

Plot : This is basically a story that happens in a small village called Kokraankara , and is about a property dispute between C P Swathantran (Mamooty) and the panchaayat president (Sunil Sukhada) who happens to be CP’s cousin too . The story is told through a series of flashback , which happens to be a series of conversations between 2 statues and a crow(Salim Kumar) ,one of the statues being CP’s father, a freedom fighter (Joy  Mathew) and the other one being Jesus (Tini Tom) .

My View : Utopiyayile Rajavu has many hilarious moments which is the saving grace of this movie. One of the most funniest instance in this movie was when CP Swathantran tried changing his name. There is nothing new about the basic plot of this movie , which is property dispute between two cousins , where one is relatively powerful compared to the other one . Mamooty plays CP Swathanthran as the large hearted guy who wants to get back his father’s property at any cost . Jewel Mary’s debutant as Uma devi is a strong willed woman who fights for women’s rights. She has portrayed Uma devi with so much of conviction that she doesnt look like a debutant. Sunil Sukhadha as the antagonist , has portrayed his character using humor and lot many humorous situations in the movie have been lent by Sunil Sukhadha . Tini Tom as Jesus has also added humor to the movie.There are too many supporting characters in the movie , many of them are actually not required .I found the second half to be more interesting compared to the first half.


UtopiyayileRaajvu runs for 3 hours , this length could have been reduced . There are too many flashbacks in the movie , that it later confuses the viewer.The title song , Utopiyayilekkulavazhiethu , is catchy . A lot more was expected from a Kamal-Mammooty venture . UtopiyayileRaajavu may not fare well among the other Onam release movies .This is basically for Mammooty fans and for those who have some time to while away.

Quotes that caught me : Neelakundan chetta….

Njaan oru activist aa .

Remometer : 2.5 / 5

Image courtesy : “Utopiayile Rajavu Poster” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Utopiayile_Rajavu_Poster.jpeg#/media/File:Utopiayile_Rajavu_Poster.jpeg


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