Phantom – a story I wished were true.

Cast : Saif Ali Khan, Katrina Kaif , Zeeshan Ayub.

Direction : Kabir Khan

Plot : Phantom is about the unofficial mission RAW undertakes to avenge the masterminds of 26/11. Daniyal Khan(Saif Ali Khan) is the chosen man for the mission, as he is like Phantom,nobody is aware of his existence. Daniyal Khan is an ex army officer who was court martialed for leaving his team in a time of distress .Daniyal Khan undertakes this mission after a lot of persuasion from RAW officials , to clear his name in the army . The rest of the story is how Daniyal goes through this mission with the help of Nawaz Mistry (Katrina Kaif).

My view : This is the second movie of Kabir Khan that I am watching in a month’s time frame. Phantom takes us through different countries like Syria, Lebanon , Pak etc . Kabir Khan touches upon the issue of 26/11 in his latest outing. All those master minds of 26/11 ,whom we wish to see dead in real ,are killed in the movie, with each murder receiving applause from the audience. Saif Ali Khan as Daniyal Khan is an officer I wish existed in the real world ,who would unapologetically bring down those cold blooded terror minds . It was a welcome change for me to watch Saif in a character different from his usual chocolate hero type characters. Katrina Kaif as Nawaz Mistry has a good amount of screen time . She has come a long way since her ‘Boom’ days. She has mouthed long dialogues in Hindi effortlessly . The supporting characters are well used . Zeeshan Ayub as Sumit has to be noted for his zest to bring justice to the 26/11 victims . He is the driving force behind the unofficial mission. The casting manager deserves a special mention for the resemblance of the characters to the real life terror pins. The songs are rightly placed in the movie and there is not too much of it . The minimalistic angle of love between the main characters adds beauty to Phantom. The movie has a running length of 2 hours and 30 minutes , but it doesn’t seem to be too long because of the thrilling sequences . there are a couple of pensive moments towards the climax that needs to be watched from a theater itself because of the sound effects.
Phantom definitely deserves to be watched .

Quotes that caught me : mein tera shaadi cancel karoonga.

Mere liye bhi ek cup chai pi lena.
Saifa ko apni insaaf chahiye .

Remometer : 3.5/5

Image Courtesy : Wikipedia 


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