Kunjiramayanam is a comic riot.

Cast : Vineeth Sreenivasan , Dhyan Sreenivasan , Aju Varghese , Neeraj Madhav , Deepak Parambikulam,Maamukoya.

Direction : Basil Joseph

Plot : Kunjiramayanam is told from the view point of Manoharan(Biju Menon) . It is the story of the villagers of desom. Vasu(Maamukoya) and Sumathi(seema Nair ) are siblings ,who, over an argument ,end up challenging each other ,that each would get their child married before the other ones gets married. The rest of the story revolves around this as the basic plot , with other events happening in between in the village , filling up the movie.

My view : Kunjiramayanam is the crowd puller among the other movies that released this Onam. It has a meaningful story ,bromance , comedy and catchy songs that will attract the crowd. I liked salsa and thumba poove the best. Vineeth Sreenivasan as Kunjiraman is the protagonist of Kunjiramayanam . He is convincing as the boastful NRI who is desperate to get married . He oggles at the woman,he wants to marry with excitement and he also has the attitude and boastfulness of the rich NRI who comes home only once in a year on vacation. For me , the surprise package was Dhyan Sreenivasan as the dimwit Lalu. His expressions , dialogue delivery and body language was hilarious and stole the show . The supporting cast each have their moments and have contributed to the movie . Few of the characters like the mad Major , bheekaran did not make much sense to me . Aju Varghese as Kuttan is at his usual best , who gets bashed up for his friend’s stupidities .Out of the heroines , the one who had the most screen time was Srinda Ashab as Sujatha. I liked the scene where she gives Kunjiraman the list of things she needs from Dubai. For me, Kunjiramayanam is a welcome change from the so called new generation movies . The village and its premises reminded me of the feel good movies of 80’s and 90’s.On the whole, I enjoyed the movie and I would recommend my friends and family to chose this movie over the other Onam releases.

Quotes that caught me :

Alli alli maafi mushkil.

Well done Vasu.

Kuttetante photo enikku tharumo?

Renometer : 3.5/5


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