Orange mittai will slowly unwrap all your emotions 

Cast : Vijay Sethupathi , Ramesh Thilak , Arumugam 

Direction : Biju Vishwanath.

Plot : Satya ( Ramesh Thilak ) is a emergency medical technician and Arumugam(Arumugam) is the driver of the emergency ambulance .Together the duo provide emergency medical help to anyone in need .  One day they receive a call from Kailasam (Vijay Sethupati) asking for emergency help since he just got a heart attack . Orange mittai revolves around the events happen between the three . There is also a sub plot happening between Satya and his girl friend Kavya .

My views : Orange mittai is a movie that evokes all emotions in a person . Vijay Sethupati plays Kailasm very strongly and the irritation , anger , sadness , craziness is excellently portrayed . His urge to enjoy life ,knowing he doesn’t have a lot of time left to live ,has been beautifully played and directed as well.i loved the scene where he dances his heart out .the best moments in the movie are between vijay and Ramesh Thilak . One’s yearning for a caring son and the other’s yearning for a father is portrayed well by the two of them. Ramesh is brooding through 90% of the movie and the pain shows in his eyes and body language .He has acted so well using less words ,that I could feel the lump in my throat .Arumugam had added to the funny elements of Orange mittai . The moments between him and vijay are to look out for . There are couple of tense moments in the movie that I wished the scenes moved faster . The love angle in the movie is small but powerful. The message that is sent out makes a lot of sense .There is a lot more that I want to put in here about the movie , but I feel it is best you experience orange mittai for yourself . It is out on dvd’s now and I would suggest you not to miss it .


Quotes that caught me :

Naan dance aadaa porè

En payyan journalist 

Sir,pls hospital po

Idhu enna tour vandi ya?

Remometer : 3.5/5

Trivia : 

Orange mittai is produced by Vijay Sethupathi.

Initially, vijay not supposed to be playing any role in the movie.

Goof up

Satya’s lab coat keeps disappearing and appearing in the last few scenes .

Image courtesy :


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