Jongens is a love story of two young boys.

Cast: Ko Zandvliet , Gijs Blom .

Direction : Mischa Camp

Language : Dutch

Plot : Jongens is set in beautiful Netherlands . Sieger is a young athlete in his school . one day , he along with his friend Stef get inducted into the school’s under 13 relay team. There he comes across Marc , who is cheerful and light hearted . Sieger gets charmed by Marc’s mannerisms , but still doesn’t encourage his advances . Sieger is frustrated and confused about his orientation . Sieger has no choice but to deal with Marc , since he is also part of the relay team. Sieger is confused about his feelings. The rest of the movie deals with Sieger’s coming to terms with the reality .

My take : I watched Jongens with English subtitles . Something I liked about the movie , is the cinematography . there is generous use of beautiful blues and greens . Gijs Blom as Sieger , is shy. Confusion , anger and pain has been expressed well by him. He uses his body to show low confidence . This is evident in the final scene, when he realizes what he wants , he has used his shoulders to show confidence . The scene where he realizes he is gay , touched me a lot . Ko Zandvliet as Marc is cheerful . I liked the camadarie between the boys . They are portrayed as any other two boys , and are not stereotyped as typical gay characters . I admire the director for this . This movie has been shown at many film festivals. This is a one time watch , but kudos to the director for dealing with a sensitive subject as any other love story.  Jongens was released in 2014 and is available on DVD .

Quotes that caught me :

I am not gay.

Goof ups : the boys travel by bus when they go for the camp, but they are seen riding a bicycle in the night . where do they get it from?

Remometer : 3/5

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