Talvar is a grippy take on the Noida double  murder case.

Cast : Irffan Khan , Konkana Sen , Tabu , Neeraj Kabi , Ayesha Parveen , Sohum Shah .

Direction : Meghna Gulzar .

Plot : Talvar is a fictional take on the Noide double murder case , where Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj were found murdered. Names are changed here but the plot is the same. Sruthi Tandon is found murdered one morning , the parents suspect Hempal the servant ,who is not to be found . The cops are keen on closing the case as a honor killing . Due to the lackadaisical approach of the cops , the case gets moved to the cdi . Rest of the story is about how the cdi takes it forward . 

 My take : Many of us would have followed the Aarushi case closely .She was not even 15 when she was murdered and had she been around , she would have been 22 today.I personally was not convinced with the verdict passed by the court . However , Talvar made a lot of sense to me . Talvar has been directed from the point of view of the investigation and it has not deviated one bit from the plot. Meghna has managed to stick to the facts .The direction is the plus point of the movie. The movie appeared to drag a bit towards the end , but that is because the case was dragged and there was lot that could not be edited out . The life of the Tandons were toppled in one day and its portrayal is very emotional . Konkana Sen as Nutan is stoic and composed,she holds on to her feelings,which makes her appear cold .Neeraj Kabi as the father is emotional . Irffan Khan as Avinash Kumar is strong and keen to observe minute details . He goes by logic instead of assumptions . Tabu has a guest appearance .Sumit Gulaya’s performance as Kanaiya is noteworthy.The media’s common tendency to make a discussion and conclusion about everything has been portrayed well.
I liked the scene where Irffan Khan beats and ridicules Dharmapani, the police inspector , because his inefficiency caused the loss of important forensic proof. Though all what has been mentioned in the media has been covered in the movie ,Talvar has to be watched coz there is a lot that was not mentioned too . Talvar has to be watched to know the reason for the verdict , to know how silly politics can topple a middle class Indian’s life .

Do you believe the verdict was the right one ? Will you be watching Talvar .

Quotes that caught me :
Woh bacha nahi , raakshas hai.
Chalo Rona dona shuru karte hai.
Pls,I did not kill her .

Trivia :
The script of Talvar was reviewed with the talwars.

Remometer : 4/5 .

Image courtesy : https://shyfyy.wordpress.com/tag/talvar



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