The Intern is a fun watch.

Cast : Robert De Niro , Anne Hathaway , Renne Roso , Anders Holm.

Direction : Nancy Mayers .

Plot : Ben(Robert De Niro) is a 70 year old widower who has retired from work . He has ample time in hand .He comes across an advertisement where About The Fit ,a young Internet company , is planning on a senior internship program . Ben applies and gets selected . ATF is the brain project of Jules (Anne Hathway) . Jules is married to Matt(Anders Holm) who is a stay at home dad.Ben is soon accepted by everyone at ATF . He is also assigned to work with Jules . The rest of the story is about the relationship between Ben and Jules and how he guides her in many situations .

My Take : I decided to watch ‘The Intern’ because Robert Di Niro and Anne Hathaway are actors I like watching on screen. I went with the notion that this would be on the same lines as of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ . But there is hardly any similarity between the two .Robert Di Niro is a delight to watch , a lot of comedy rests on his shoulder .He uses his experience to offer advice and offers his shoulders to lean on ,when needed .Anne Hathaway is convincing as the go getter . The two lead actors share a good rapport.Nancy Mayers has added to the character of the busy woman by getting Anne to ride a bike in the office .Anne portrays the successful woman with her posture and fast paced steps . The Intern also deals with the issues faced by the working woman who has to juggle with her personal and professional life . It also touches upon the subject of stay at home dad and also the insecurities office goers face whenever a new joinee joins. The scene I liked the most is the burglary scene . The romance between Fiona(Renne Russo) and Ben is cute .The office has been set up to reflect the new age office space with more mobility .Nowadays with most of the work places adopting casual dressing to office , most people dress up shabbily . Ben follows the old school form of office wear and inspires many to dress formally. There are a couple of dull moments towards the end ,which can be passed off .On the whole , The Intern is a fun movie.It is a one time watch and can be watched on DVD also .

How did you find my review ?Will you be watching The Intern ? 

Quotes that caught me :

Musicians don’t retire . They retire when they stop their music .

I don’t want to be buried with strangers . 

Trivia :

Anne Hatheway and Robert Di Nero were not the first choice for The Intern.

Remometer : 2.5/5

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