Amar Akbar Anthony is a surprise package .

Cast : Prithviraj , indrajith , Jayasurya,Kpac lalitha, Kalabhavan Shaji , Namitha Pramod.

Direction : Nadirsha

Plot : Amar , Akbar , Anthony are three friends who make a living doing small time jobs. Their common aim in life is to go on a trip to Pattaya.Chandrika (KPAC Lalitha) is Amar s mother and a marriage broker . Rasmina s marriage arranged by Chandrika flops within 2 days and Rasmina moves in with Chandrika and family. Fathima is Rasmina s daughter and is loved by everyone in the colony .In the background , there are a couple of child missing cases going on. AAA is about the friends plan to go to Pattaya and the happenings in the colony they stay in.

My views : My plans to watch AAA was a very impulsive one with zero expectations . I liked the bromance and the rapport between the three actors. I liked Indrajith for his comic timing and his dance moves . The scene I liked the most is the one where he sings out a song to his girlfriend’s father .Jayasurya as a cripple has maintained the cripple throughout and in dance steps also. I didn’t notice anything extra ordinary about Prithviraj as he has performed similar roles earlier . I liked the sarcasm with which he says he doesn’t know a word in English and all the hype is just made up. Kalabhavan Shaji has a small role which is appreciable . One thing I liked is that the comedy is not sub standard . The support actors have done a good job in portraying the rapport between people staying in a colony. Namitha Pramod’s role is insignificant . AAA does not bore though it is directionless till the last half an hour . The length of the movie could have been reduced . Sindra does not have many dialogues , but the way she lets her anger out is powerful.Meenakshi as Fathima is cute and has performed well too.Though Siddique has a very small role , he conveys the social message of the movie. The subject of child molestation that has been covered in AAA, is one of great signifance now . Children are not safe anywhere including their own homes . Most of the times, the abuser is the one most known to the child.Many of us are reluctant to report crime or any unusual activity we notice as it does not affect us. It is only when a calamity hits one of us or our dear ones , that we step out . We or our family would have been safe had we reported it on time . I also like the part where Siddique leaves the criminals to the public to take action. The director should be appreciated for the selection of the villain. He looks slimy and is hate able . On the whole, AAA is watchable. 

Quotes that caught me :

Enikku English ariyilla, elaavarum veruthe parayaanu.

Nee Kanika Menon ne kandittinda?

Ninakku Pattaya thanne pokunno? Ivide ooty ndu, munnar ndu,lulu mall ndu.


The last time the trio were seen together was in 20 20.

Ironically , me and my friend were discussing about the rise in the crime against children this morning and how ,many parents tie their kids to themselves coz of the fear of losing them.

Goof ups

The address to deliver pizza is noted down as judges avenue, palarivattom. In reality , they are two different places .

Remometer : 2.5/5

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