Shandaar is an average watch.

Cast : Shahid Kapoor , Alia Bhatt , Pankaj Kapur,Sanjay Kapoor.

Direction : Vikas Behl.

Plot : Esha(Sanah Kapur) , Bipin’s(Pankaj Kapur) daughter , is getting married to Robin Fadvani(Vikas Verma). Jagjinder Joginder a.k.a JJ (Shahid Kapoor) is the wedding planner . It is love at first sight for JJ when he sees Alia(Alia Bhatt) , Bipin’s adopted daughter . This wedding is a huge business deal for both the families .Shandaar is about the wedding , the issues in the family and the relationship between Bipin and his daughters ,and Alia and JJ.

My take : Shaandaar which is shot in UK has beautiful locales and an expensive setting . The reason I decided to watch Shaandaar was because of the three lead actors . The story is not new , a marriage which is basically a business deal to save two families on the verge of bankruptcy has been heard of earlier also in other movies . Here the bride to be is slightly on the bulkier side, so she is constantly mocked by the groom and his friends .As expected , the bride calls off the wedding on the wedding pandal and decides to live life her way, eating all what she wants .The reason behind Alia behind adopted is also predictable. I liked the chemistry between Alia and Pankaj Kapur , and Alia and Shahid Kapoor. The part were Alia is insomniac and hasn’t slept her entire life hardly made any sense to me .She looks super fresh and healthy for an insomniac. I liked the moments of animosity between Pankaj Kapur and Shahid Kapoor. . Sanjay Kapoor as eccentric Harry Fadvani is funny. Vikas Verma has played the role of Robin Fadvani convincingly to portray  the no brain , only muscle groom. Alia Bhatt as Alia is bubbly and lovable . Shahid Kapoor’s new look suits the role of a mature , smart young man. The warmth that Pankaj Kapur shares with both the daughters is noteworthy.Sanah Kapur has done well for a debutant. I found the two girls , Pia and Ria, who speak every sentence using short forms very irritating .I also liked the scene towards the end where everybody confesses something or the other about themselves . Few of the flashback scenes were replaced by animated scenes which told the story quickly .Shaandaar is an average movie , which bored and entertained me in parts . Watch it for the lead actors .

Quotes that caught me:

Omg, this is like k3g.

Jawab do, jawaab do.

Samdhi sindhi 

Goof ups : shahid’s hair is well groomed even after diving into the water to save Alia.

Trivia :

Esha played by Sanah Kapur is Pankaj Kapur’s daughter and Shahid’s sister .

Remometer : 2/5

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