Unfreedom is about the choices one makes in life.

Cast : Adil Hussain , Bhavani Lee , Preeti Gupta , Bhanu Uday.

Direction : Raj Amit Kumar

What is it about ? : Unfreedom has two plots that is played simultaneously. Hussain(Bhanu Uday) has just arrived in the US with certain plans in mind . He is an Islamic fascist who wants to bring down Fared,who is a liberal Islam scholar  In the other plot ,Leela’s(Preeti Gupta) wedding is about to get fixed , the groom and his mother are waiting to see her . Leela is in love with Sakhi Taylor(Bhavani Lee) . she makes her choice and runs away from  home . The rest of the movie is about the hurdles Leela and Hussain have to face , the realizations they have in the course of time .

My take :  Unfreedom is banned in India due to various reasons . I got a chance to view it at a private screening . However it was screened at various movie festivals and got good reviews . All these reasons got me interested in watching Unfreedom. Unfreedom deals with real life issues. The first one being religion. Islam is a religion of Peace , nowhere does it ask its followers to kill in the name of religion. However there have been misinterpretations and many gullible minds have been misled . People who speak up against these fascists are targeted. Fared is one such man who is targeted in the movie for standing up against terrorism. The first plot about Hussain,liberalism and fascism is confusing , but it makes sense towards the end. The second plot is about the issues faced by LGBT’s in India , the unawareness or rather the unwillingness among the vast majority of people to accept them. I liked the second plot more than the first one. The attitude of cops towards the LGBT group has been captured well. The difficulty faced by them in coming out and the double life that is led by many, has also been directed well. Leela the desperate lover who just wants to be with the one she loves has been portrayed very well. I liked the desperation and pain she shows on screen. Adil Hussain as Devaraj who is Leela’s father values his honor more than his daughter. I liked the scene where he is shivering with anger. Unfreedom is brutal , has lots of nudity and its definitely not meant for the weak hearted. There are a couple of gory moments where I chose to either look away from the screen or shut my eyes tight. It is not the typical bollywood film and may not suit the palate of many , but give it a try if you get a chance .


Quotes that caught me :

It is a war against wall street, how did Allah come in between ?
I have roots in Pakistan,  but I am not a terrorist.
Those who love each other, live together.
This is our house, a house without walls.
The choices you make in life when you are cornered defines you.

Trivia :
The censor board of India refused to certify Unfreedom . instead they banned public release in India.

Remometer : 3/5


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