A tribute to my favorite Khan.

Paulo Coelho said “And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” For me it was Shah Rukh Khan who gave meaning to these words. He was just another middle class boy from Delhi , who came to Mumbai with nothing but dreams. He made it in an industry and in a city where he had nobody to back him up. His parents were long gone by then.

I was a little girl when he stepped into Bollywood. I did not take any fondness towards him when I watched Deewana . After watching Baazigar , a friend of mine said SRK is the guy to look out for. It hardly made any sense to me. I was in my tenth standard when DDLJ was released . I remember switching channels to watch the trailer of Ddlj . Since my pre boards were going on at that time , my mom never let me watch it from the theater. I watched it later , after my board exams were over . That was when the fan in me was born. Over the years I quickly turned from a fan into a die hard fan. I used to get offended and have often picked up fights , when negative comments were passed about him . I made it a point to never miss any of his movies, ensured they were watched for the first time only on the big screen. And over the past couple of years, I have made it a point to watch his movies on the first day in the first show itself . I used to go in to a mad frenzy each time he came on screen , but over the years , I have sobered down with age.

There have been times when I have stood in front of the mirror , stretching my hands, trying to emulate him. I have tried imitating his expressions and mouthing out his dialogues.

I respect and adore him for his sheer determination. He changed the face of bollywood. Half the world identify bollywood with SRK. He is popularly known as King Khan , Baadshah.  In an era, where the heroes were supposed to be macho, this puny guy with hair bouncing on his forehead , changed the concept of heroes. . I love the spontaneity with which he gives his interviews. He has hardly shown the airs of a super star. I like him for the respect with which he treats women. He is probably the only star who ensures that his female co-stars name is featured before his , in his movies.

It has been a long time wish of mine to see him in flesh and blood . I am sure it will happen some day . I was hardly able to contain my happiness and excitement , when I saw his wax model. In the past , I have used a lot many products , just because they were endorsed by him.


Ddlj is my favorite film of his. I have lost count of the number of times I have watched this movie . I have hardly been disappointed by watching any of his movies , and I firmly believe he will not disappoint me in future. I m waiting desperately for Dilwale and Fan.
Here’s to wishing my favorite Khan , a very Happy Birthday King Khan and many more successful years to come.


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