PRDP is a Diwali treat with double Bhai’s.

Cast : Salman Khan , Sonam Kapoor , Swara Bhaskar , Anupam Kher , Neil Nitin Mukesh , Armaan Kohli , Deepak Dobriyal.
Direction : Sooraj Bhartajya

Plot : Prem Dilwale (Salman Khan) is a small time actor who develops a crush on Mythili Devi (Sonam Kapoor) .On hearing that Mythili Devi is coming to Pritampur for the crowning ceremony of Vijay Yuvraj(Salman Khan again) , he sets out to meet her . Due to certain circumstances , Prem ends up disguising the Yuvraj.

My take : PRDP is a typical Rajshri movie with larger than life settings , melodrama and songs that pop up every ten minutes .I liked watching Salman Khan as Prem . As Prem ,who has been synonymous with Sallu Bhai,he is lovable . Bhai as Vijay Singh is suave,uptight and ferocious.But it is Prem who steals everybody’s heart.The pre climax scene where Swara Bhaskar breaks down is symbolic of the pain she has been holding on to for years ,but I feel her talent could have been utilised more. I liked the scenes between the brother and the sisters. There is lot of humor in PRDP, especially in the scenes that have Salman Khan , Deepak Dobriyal and Anupam Kher . Deepak Dobriyal has played the role of Sita so many times in Ram Leela , that he has forgotten his masculinity.Sonam Kapoor is overly feminine as the princess . I don’t think anybody could have played the character of Mythili Devi with so much of style and elan as her . There is nothing remarkable about the story. The basic plot of sibling rivalry and disguise has been tried out many times onscreen .But this is a welcome change from the southern remakes Bhai has been toying with in the past.NNM and Armaan Kohli are a pain to watch on the screen . Armaan Kohli does what he used to do best on bigg boss , which is fighting and making others fight . There is a song for every situation , for ex while playing a football match , when Prem goes to buy sweets for Mythili Devi .PRDP is a movie that can be watched with the entire family , right from 6 to 60, but it is painfully long . Watch this for Bhai , coz it is a feel good movie and it is also a delight to watch two bhais , especially Prem waala Bhai.

Quotes that caught me :
It is a case of cerebral concussion with cerebral edima 

Prem Dilwale Dhaaba

It’s all in the mind 

Sacha pyaar honton pe nahi, aankho mein diktha hai.

The haveli where Salman Khan stayed during the shoot of PRDP has been turned into a boutique hotel. It is said that Sallu Bhai donned the walls of the room he stayed in with his paintings.

Goof up :
Why does a Yuvraj , who has all the makes of cars under his possession , have to use a chariot to visit his sisters?

Prem is seen ripping off the sleeves of his kurta in one scene and in the other he is seen wearing the same kurta with full sleeves.
Remometer : 2.5/5 


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