Tamasha is about breaking monotony.

Cast : Deepika Padukone , Ranbir Kapoor .

Direction : Imtiaz Ali.

Plot : Two strangers, who call themselves Don(Ranbir Kapoor) and Mona(Deepika Padukone) meet on a holiday at Corsica , they show off their wildest sides, decide not to tell each other the truth about themselves and that they won’t meet ever after . They part ,without giving a hint of their true identities.What happens after they part?

My take  : I walked in for Tamasha with zero expectations and with a staunch belief that it would be a concoction of Jab we met and Rockstar.But I knew I was wrong as soon as the movie crossed 10 to 15 minutes. This movie might turn out to be Ranbir’s hit after his three back to back flops. The story is different with a slight resemblance to Rockstar.It is about living your life doing what you love the most. I liked the way ,the director , Imtiaz Ali, has portrayed the monotony in Ved’s life. The story which Ved narrates to his father , is one i feel many of us will be able to relate to. Ved is living a robotic life of monotony ensuring he confirms to the norms of society . He is labelled as mad when he tries to break free. Both Ranbir and Deepika, have got into the skin of the character.The rapport the two share is the highlight of the movie .A scene I found funny , was when Ved decided to pour out his worries to the person who keeps asking him if he is fine.That is the ironic reality of life , where the general public who ask ‘how are you?’,do not really mean it .Deepika’s Tara comes as realistic when she is not able to hid her excitement and blush when she meets Ved at social. I also liked the way she used her body to express her pain and tries to coax Ved telling everything will get fine soon. The director has used various energy levels throughout the movie,with high energy at Corsica and medium to less energy levels towards the pre interval scenes .The supporting cast has been judiciously used,with the focus mainly on Ved and Tara. Also, the story rarely or hardly lost course.Tamasha is also long, like many of Imtiaz’s other movies, but I was hardly bored in the period of 2 hours and 45 minutes.On the whole, Tamaasha is a good watch. 

Quotes that caught me:

Phir kabbhi nahi milenge.

2 raasthe hai saamne, majnu ban jao ya stay cool.

Main hoo average .

Paisa na hota , tho kaisa hota.

Apni kahani mujse pooch raha hai, khaayar…

Don returns… 


Ranbir,who gave 3 back to back flops and he is banking on Deepika’s popularity now .

Tamasha was shot extensively in France,Japan and India.

Remometer : 4/5


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