Su… Su…sudhi valmeekam is a feel good movie.

Cast : Jayasurya , Kpac Lalitha , TG Ravi , Aju Varghese.

Direction : Renjith Sankar.

Plot : Sudhi(Jayasurya) is a bank manager working in Bangalore. One Sunday, a movie shooting happens at his office , of which Mukesh and Greg(Aju Varghese) are a part.the shooting which was supposed to get over at 4 pm ,gets delayed till 2 am. Sudhi, who was supposed to travel to Aalathur,ends up missing his train because of this. Mukesh ,who is travelling to Palakad that night,agrees to drop him. Sudhi decides to tell his journey of being a person with less self confidence to what he is now , to Mukesh on the way.

My take : Su..Su is a honest take on the issues faced by people with a handicap . I have noticed that our society is cruel to people who are different . A person who is fat , dark or has a stutter are the butt of many jokes. As a part of society, many of its do not have time to be compassionate towards them. The script is the highlight of this movie. Su.. has its emotional moments . Jayasurya as Sudhi has low self esteem because of his stammer . He stammers when he is tensed, under moments of pressure and when he meets new people. Sudhi decides to get out of his comfort zone by facing his fears.Jayasurya has portrayed the character with utmost conviction. The effort he has put into being Sudhi is very evident. His lips shiver, throat cringes and body becomes stiff, when he is about to stammer. I liked the rapport between the parents and Sudhi .I also liked the cat and mouse moments between the parents (TG Ravi , KPAC Lalitha). The father is a pillar of support to Sudhi, never bringing up the topic the stammer for discussion. I liked the character of Greyson played by Aju Varghese. He stands by Sudhi through thick and thin. Another notable character is Kalyani(ssuvidha Nair). She plays a great role in instilling self belief in him .It is not the outer physical character that makes a person , but it is his inner self that defines him, and this is the basic story line of Su.. Su. The direction is finesse.Su … is a one of the best to have come out in 2015 and I suggest that this should not be missed. It is a story of hope and self confidence. The only person who can stop you from being what you want to be, is you yourself.

Quotes that caught me :

Ube… Ube..
Sudhi kku enne kaatilum nalle penkuttine kittum,enikku urappa.
Ivide aarbhaadangal onnum undaakoola mone.


Su..Su.. is based on a real life story.

Remometer : 4/5

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