Anarkali wastes a lot of time to get to Salim.

Cast : Prithviraj , Biju Menon , Kabir Bedi,Priya Gor,Miya George.

Direction : Sachy

Plot : Santanu(Prithviraj) , meets Nadira,during his training at the Navy. Eventually they fall in love . Nadira is the daughter of Jafer Imam,lieutenant at the naval base.When Jafer Imam finds out,Santanu is forced to discharge from the Navy based on charges of molesting 15 year old Nadira.will time stand the test of their love ? Will Jafar Imam finally fall in ?

My take : I decided to watch Anarkali because of the rave reviews .It did not immediately connect with me ,but a journey back into my life when I was 15 got me thinking and realized ,Anarkali is a movie that will grow on you in the course of time .Anarkali is widely shot in Lakshwadeep,the cinematography is beautiful .Life in Lakshwadeep is not very familiar to the people of the Kara(land).The director casually familiarizes the viewers by briefing about the history and culture ,through Aatu Koya and Dr Sherin . This movie sheds a lot of light on the life in Lakshwadeep, like how there are no movie theaters, the Crime rate is zero there and it is a dry land.Prithvi is a diving instructor , but barring a scene or two, he is not seen giving diving instructions . I liked it when he says, love is not all about getting physical.I also liked his transformation from a highly energetic person at the naval base to a brooding young man at Kavaratty.His drooping eyes add to the brood. However,I did not notice a emotional connect being made between Nadira and Santanu, that prompted them to wait for 5 to 6 years ,before they decided to wait for another couple of years. The only connect the two had was a song.what happened in the song that prompted them to stick on to the relation.Yes,it could have well been Nadira’s first love and probably that’s what prompted her to wait all these years.But,it would have been good if more of it was portrayed onscreen.The reason jafar (Kabir Bedi) opposes the two is not strong enough.instead of going the ddlj way,why didn’t  Nadira and Santanu look for ways to unite . I liked the role played by Miya,she preaches a lot about love,but what is her story?I liked Suresh Krishna as Attu Koya, he has gone a step forward in learning the dialect of the dweep.i also liked Biju Menon ‘s performance as Zachariah ,who was full of resent towards Santanu ,for losing his job . Priya Gor has innocence written on her face,which gives authenticity to her character .The comedy is on Biju Menon’s shoulders . Also notable is Sudev Nair,his physique suits that of a navy officer .Few of the songs are melodious . With a few missing links here and there , Anarkali is watchable.

Quotes that caught me :

Njaan janmanaale fit aa.

nawaabi khoon ninte didi kaa.

Trivia :

The entire crew travelled to Lakshwadeep by ship,since aircrafts do no have more than 10 seats.

Remometer : 2.5/5

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