Bajirao Mastani is a tale of love and longing….

Cast : Ranveer Singh , Deepika Padukone , Priyanka Chopra ,Milind Soman,Tanvi Azmi.

Direction : Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

Plot : Peshwa Bajirao Ballad is the best warrior of King Shahu, who has never lost any wars . He is married to Kashibai. One day he is approached by Mastani from Bundelkand for help to save her kingdom . Though he is reluctant at first , he slowly obliges to help her . He wins the war this saving her kingdom . Mastani falls in love with Rao and follows him to Pune . She is met with hatred from Rao’s mother and is send to stay at the courthouse along with other courtesans . The rest of the story revolves around the love story of Rao and Mastani.

My view : Bajirao Mastani is visually extravagant from scene one . Most of the scenes have at least hundred artists in them. The setting is not very different from Devdas or the other movies by Bhansali. I liked the use of light in the movie . Ranveer Singh played the role of an energetic and focused warrior with utmost conviction .The effort he has put into being Bajirao is evident , from the poise to the language he uses in the movie.Deepika’s Mastani is beautiful , totally calm and composed and madly in love with Rao. I loved most of her dialogues which were very poetic in nature . She perfectly suits the role of a beautiful princess , I also liked the scenes in which she uses the sword. Priyanka’s Kashi has few dialogues ,yet is significant . Her transformation from the loving wife to the painful one is interesting . There are too many songs ,but they are not boring . I liked the Deewani Mastani song the most . Pinga re Pinga is visually appealing . The supporting characters like Tanvi Azmi , Milind Soman , Vaibbhav Tatwawdi have done their job well.On the whole , Bajirao Mastani is a good watch and I would recommend watching this on big screen to enjoy the visual beauty .

Quotes that caught me

Lagta hai jaisa chaand ne holi khel kar aaya hai.

Ishq ka koi dharam nahi hota

Har,harrrrrè mahaaadeva.

Trivia :

Pinga re Pinga was shot over a period of 25 days.

Remometer : 3.5/5


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