Charlie is a cat and mouse game .

Cast : Dulquer Salman , Parvathi , Nedumudi Venu ,Aparna Gopinath

Direction : Martin Prakkatt.

Plot : Charlie(DQ) is a free spirited vagabond . Tessa (Parvathy) moves into an apartment which was earlier occupied by Charlie. The apartment has memories left behind by Charlie, which fascinates Tessa. She starts her journey to find him, thus slowly falling in love with him.

My View : Charlie presents DQ in a never before seen avatar.Dulquer’s Charlie is so high on energy , that many a times he looked inebriated . I liked Parvathy as Tessa ,who has a slight blush on every mention of Charlie. I found the concept of celebration of death very interesting .The movie has elements of fantasy in it.Oru karimukalin is my favourite song , followed by Chundari penne, which is high on energy .The supporting actors’ description of Charlie in the first half helps in the building up of his character.I would have enjoyed it more,if it had more humor in it .On the whole , Charlie is a one time watch.

Quotes that caught me :

Enthu patti behen…

Mazha alle premam…

Remometer : 2.5 / 5


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