Paavada has more than just alcohol to it.

Cast : Prithviraj , Anoop Menon , Sharafudheen ,  Nedumudi Venu , Maniyan Pillai Raju.

Direction : G Marthandan

Plot : Paavada is what happens when 2 staunch alcoholics , Paavada Babu(Anoop Menon) and Paambu Joy(Prithvi Raj) ,meet at a de-addiction centre . Certain situations in life ,turn their lives around.Paavada is about those situations which add meaning to their lives.

My views : Paavada starts by leading us into the lives of the two main characters , Paavada Babu and Paambu Joy.The first half is a comic caper with both the characters being aimless in life , all they think about is alcohol.Paavada is not a movie that preaches about the ill effects of alcoholism.Anoop Menon belts out lines from Shakespeare classics with finesse . They are classic dialogues and I loved the style with which he tells them.Prithvi raj looks every bit like a drunkard with his unkempt hair , unshaven beard , puffed eyes and shabby dressing .His character is a lively alcoholic in the first half. Both the characters speak without the usual sluggishness of drunkards portrayed on screen . Sharafudheen(girirajan kozhi) supports Prithvi raj in comedy in the first half of the movie . Nedumudi Venu and Maniyanpillai Raju , support both the lead characters throughout the movie.Nedumudi Venu plays the role of a Kaaryastan, which he does usually.Paavada takes a sharp turn just before interval. The second half is where the story comes in picture . It drags a little and is serious and melodramatic in the second half , but deals with an issue which is seldom ignored . Mia George ‘ s character is strong but has less screen presence . Asha   Sharat’s de glam role makes it  difficult to identify her . I liked the guest appearance by Renji Panicker ,who is one of my favourite actors .Another character which impressed me was that of Chemban Vinod.Watch out for his introduction scene. Certain questions which rose as a viewer to me , was answered in the second half . I liked the pre climax court scene where Prithvi speaks in length. Many of the scenes where he speaks about his mother is emotional. But the scene which made me smile is the last scene , which resembles the ‘pyaar hua ikraar hua’ song and this particular scene was my paisa vasool scene.Paavada is definitely watchable with lots to laugh and a different story line.

Quotes that caught me :

Aa omelette paatu onnu paadike.

Njaan aanu inzam am ul Haq .

Sanjeevani de addiction centre .

To be or not to be.

Jackie aashan aanu,sagar alias Jackie.

Trivia :

Jayasurya has crooned a song in Paavada.

Remometer : 3.5 / 5


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