Call it a Black Monday.

Dear Kalpana ,
I write this with a heavy heart , in fact a very heavy one.

This morning the first post I saw on Facebook was that of your demise. I prayed and hoped that it was a prank. But in a matter of seconds , facebook was flooded with similar posts by notable Malayalam actors.

I have known you only through the screen , yet I am deeply hurt . There are numerous occasions where you made me laugh hard , the recent one being last week , where you appeared on Annie’s Kitchen.Little did I know that ,it was the last time I would be watching you. You spoke in length about your sisters, kala and podi mol , about your love towards food , especially rice and fish curry . You spoke about how you hated egg plant and diets . In the interview , you were just like any other malayalee girl , and so full of life and energy .
Almost every movie I have watched since I was a child , had you in it . You were a constant factor in every Malayalam movie in the 80’s and 90’s .It is hard to think of a movie , you did nor star in. I cant think of any other female actor who could carry comedy the way you did . I do not want to point out any particular role of yours , for you made me laugh as most of them , be it the muslim girl , the dumb girl , the mad girl or the nun . One movie , where you never made me laugh , was Charlie , apparently your last malayalam movie where you signed off in style.

Where ever you are , I hope you make all around you , burst with laughter .

Cheers and Kudos,




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