Joy inspires .

Cast : Jennifer Lawrence , Robert Di Nero, Bradley Cooper .

Direction : David O Russel.

Plot : Joy is the story of Joy as narrated by her grandmother . Joy is a single mother living with her two children , her mother and grandmother . She works at the Eastern Airlines . Her true calling ever since she was a child ,has always been inventing new things. Joy is what happens when Joy decides to follow her dreams.

My views : I decided to watch Joy because of the nominations it has received in Golden Globes and the Academy awards as well.Also, the fact that it is based on true events , got me to watch Joy.Joy is inspiring , it is about a woman who keeps getting up even after falling multiple times. Joy believes in herself, which is evident when she decides to market her mop on TV by herself. Robert De Niro as her father is selfish and hardly supports her . He is more inclined towards her half sister who is shrewd and dislikes Joy.They are the kind of father and sister,who probably nobody would want to have.Bradley Cooper as Niel is a suave and sophiscated business man, but he does not have much screen prescence.I liked the friendship shared between Joy and her ex-husband. The support provided by her best friend ,Jackie(Dascha Polanco) needs special mention.I liked the screen play, direction and the background score.On the whole , Joy starts slow,taking time in setting the plot. But it turns interesting and inspiring , once the plot is set . Hope it inspires a lot many other people.

Quotes that caught me :

Inspired by daring women.

That has surpassed my capacity .

That is such a random number , why 17 years .

I dunno anything about charts or business .

Never speak on my behalf on my business again.

Trivia :

Joy is not an entirely biographical story , it has only been inspired by true events. 

Remometer : 3/5

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