Saala Khadoos has the common ingredients of every other Indian Sports movie .

Cast : Madhavan , Naser , Mumtaz Sorcar , Ritika Singh
Direction :Sudha Kongara Prasad .

Plot : Adi Tomar (Madhavan) has been expelled from boxing . He returns as the coach of women’s boxing association after 10 years . He is transferred to chennai due to issues with Dev, the head of boxing committee . Adi comes across Madhi(Ritika Singh),who he feels is a boxer with hidden talents. Rest of the movie revolves around the relationship between the coach and the boxer, and the hurdles they face in between.

My views : Ritika Singh as Madhi is a great find and a true delight to watch.She is highly energetic and I liked the way she emotes . She is the star of Saala Khadoos. I liked the roughness with which Madhavan plays Adi and the roughness he shows in his body and voice,he roars and grunts like a lion.Another character I liked is Naser as junior coach . A lot of comedy rests on his shoulders .Zakkir Hussain as the antogonist is creepy and it was a delight to see him get punched and beaten up . Mumtaz Sorcar as Lux supports Madhi and the two share a good camaraderie .I liked the scene where she confronts Madhi.The first half has too many songs . The last few minutes are pensive .In fact , Saala Khadoos is cliched like many other movies in its genre .It has a coach who is hated by the management with a lone supporter who encourages and stands by him ,it also has an underdog , and the head of the committee is deceitful who wants to bring down the player and the coach.It is definitely a feel good movie .Watch it for the lead actors and Naser.

Quotes that caught me

We are like that only , Sab kuch ke liye banner lagaate hai .

Ali.. Mohd Ali .

Daaru peete waqt liver kaaoge to yeh liver kharaab Ho jaayega , Apna liver safe.

Ab mein boxing karoongi .

Ye match nahi mismatch hai.

Meri Mohd Ali .

Trivia :

Saala Khadoos has been shot in Tamil also.

SK is based on many true stories .


Adi sells his bike to the person at the sports shop.Later Nasser is seen riding it.

Remometer : 2.5 / 5

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