Action hero Biju delivers coco punches.

Cast : Nivin Pauly , Suraj Venjaaramoodu,Rohini, Ann Emmanuel , Joju George.

Direction : Shine Abrid 

Plot : Action hero Biju is a sneak peek into the issues ,Sub Inspector Biju(Nivin Pauly) has to deal with at work,on a daily basis.

My view : Action hero Biju, starts with a quick tribute of gratitude towards Nivin’s father and the rest of his family. I found it very warm and touching .The script stays true to its caption ,’A ride with a police officer ‘ . The story is different from the usual cop movies, as this one deals with multiple realistic issues , when compared to the powerful antagonist that the police officer has bring down in other movies . I also like the way the beauty of kochi has been captured . I liked the way the movie has been directed , the songs are melodious and rightly placed . The scene that stays close to me , is the one where Biju talks about his teacher . Nivin pauly is totally in the skin as S.I. Biju .The scenes where Nivin Pauly loses his cool are brilliant . I also liked the scene where he enlightens parents about bringing up boys. This enlightenment is needed for many such parents .His team of cops support him .Suraaj Venjaaramoodu has been presented in a role different from his usual comedy roles ,and he has done it well .The debutant ,Ann Emmanuel , doesn’t have much of a role .Joju George is hilarious as Mini.. Action hero Biju is a movie which changed my perception of kerala police,and will surely change the apprehension many people have about cops.The movie is hilarious with a couple of emotional scenes . I liked Action hero Biju because , of its story and the stellar performance by Nivin Pauly . 

Quotes that caught me

Varu nammakonu station vare pokaam.

Mudi kaboor aakum saare.

Njaan palliyille achan alla policekaaran aanu.

Athu ariyaan sense venam sensibility venam.. Censor board venam.

Ithu kedaya mobile aa sare.


Action hero Biju is set in 2015,which marks the 68th year of independence. However , the banner at the Independence Day celebration shows 69th Independence Day celebration.

Trivia :

This is Nivin Pauly’s 25th film.

Remometer : 3.5 / 5

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