Neerja sent chills down my spine.

Cast : Sonam Kapoor , Shabana Azmi.

Direction : Ram Madhavani

Plot : Neerja is a biopic based on Neerja  Bhanot  (Sonam Kapoor).She was the head purser onboard Pan Am 73 ,which was enroute to Newyork from Mumbai , via Karachi and Frankfurt. The flight was hijacked at Karachi. She was shot dead while saving the passengers.She is youngest recipient of the Ashok chakra award.
My views : Neerja starts with a quick peek into a few hours before the ill fated event , thus establishing her cheerful character and the bond she shares with her family.The movie gets brutal with the entry of the terrorists . One of the terrorists,Khalil, is very brutal and cold blooded .He has truly got into the skin of a terrorist to play the role . His mad forays sent chills down my spine .Sonam Kapoor has given a honest performance as Neerja . She inspires ,doesn’t go over the top and is very mellowed down as Neerja.Since Neerja is based on a biopic I went to watch the movie with a preset mind, but I liked the way the movie has been directed , moving between the past and the present.i was on my toes , biting my nails,wondering what the crazy terrorist would do next and hoping that Neerja doesn’t get hurt.Shabana Azmi as the strong willed mother evoked a lot of tears with her performance . I noticed that most of the women came out of the movie theater wiping tears off their eyes.I wouldn’t mind watching it again for Shabana Azmi. Neerja is painful , pensive and a tear jerker . I liked the end credits where they showed pictures of the real Neerja Bhanot and family. I watched it with tears welled up in my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. Catch Neerja for the wonderful direction and performances .

Quotes that caught me :

mujhe wo yellow waali salwaar kameez chaahiye

Ye ladki kaha sunegi meri baat

Terrorist pak se to nahi hai

Mera bahadur bachcha hai kaun?

Remometer : 4/5 . (3.5 for the movie and .5 for the real Neerja Bhanot)

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.

2 : I will never watch this again.

2.5 : average . One time watch .

3 : I liked it . Wouldn’t mind watching it again.

3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.

4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .

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