Darwinte Parinamam is a dull watch.

Cast : Chemban Vinod , Prithviraj,Shammi Thilakan,Chandni.

Plot : Darwin(Chemban) is a local thug in Cochin city . Anil Anto is a youth who comes to Cochin along with his pregnant wife ,Amala(Chandni) in search of new opportunities . Due to certain circumstances , Anil loses his baby because of Darwin and he decides to take , Darwin head on.

My views

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Darwinte parinaamam bored me till the interval . It was watchable after that . The story is about the usual underdog who fights all odds and emerges victorious in the end . The movie would have been enjoyable had it been directed differently . The movie could have had more humor and is serious all the way .Darwinte Parinamam failed to connect with me. Soubin Shahir could have been utilised better. Chemban Vinod could have performed better as Darwin, I feel if Darwin was played by Lal , he would have added more justice to the character . Prithviraj has nothing new to offer as Anil Anto, this is a character he has played many times . I wasn’t very convinced with the pre climax stunt scene , where Anil , who has no experience in fighting , beats up a seasoned thug to pulp,who even Darwin couldn’t defeat. I liked Shammi Thilakan as Ayappan, as he has done a different role .The back ground music is not enjoyable . Darwinte parinamam has nothing interesting to offer and it can be watched on DVD.

Quotes that caught me :

Kumbham onninaayirunnu

Darwin nte oru apaapan undu pocketadi Peter

Karnan, napolean, Bhagat Singh , Ivar aanu ente role model. You see the irony, don’t you ?

Remometer : 2/5

Image courtesy : filmibeat.com

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.

2 : I will never watch this again.

2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.

3 : I liked it . Wouldn’t mind watching it again.

3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.

4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .


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