Aligarh is not for homophobes !

Cast : Manoj Bajpayee , Rajkumar Rao , Ashish Vidyarthi.

Direction : Hansal Mehta .

Plot : Aligarh is based on real incidents that happened to a professor at Aligarh University .

My views : Aligarh is an offbeat movie and is very upsetting . Mainly because it is based on real life events . Professor Siras is a professor of Marathi , who spends most of his time by himself , listening to Lata Mangeshkar songs , with a glass of royal stag in hand . One day , a TV crew and his colleagues from AMU barge into his bedroom , to find him having sex with a rickshaw driver . His life is turned into hell after that , with AMU suspending him and throwing him out of his official apartment at medical colony . ‘Aligarh’ shows how badly the lgbt community is treated by the society and why people are scared of coming out . Professor Siras who is a Marathi scholar is treated inhumanly . In a scene , prof sreedharan is shown wiping his hands after prof Siras touches him. Manoj Bajpayee was given the Dada Saheb Phalke award for the portrayal of Siras , one which was rightly given . I liked the way he moves his poise like that of 62 year old , he doses off in court coz the court proceedings are of least interest to him . He kisses the rickshaw driver with ease and love. Raj kumar Rao as Deepu Sebastian is a young intern at Indian post who wants to help Prof  Siras . He is young and sets off to meet Prof Siras out of humanity and ends up in forming a deep bond with Siras . Ashish Vidyarthi as Adv Varun Grover is a cut throat advocate who fights for Siras , yet he finds offense when Siras misinterprets him for being gay . 

Aligarh got a standing ovation at the Busan International Film Festival and I would suggest catching this on DVD . Aligarh is not one to be missed , watch it for the story and for the powerful performances . This will always be a precious one in my personal collection .

Quotes that caught me :

Try to understand LOVE , it’s a beautiful word .

I don’t like the word GAY . 

You have to fight it out .

I love AMU. 

Remometer : 4/5 .

Image courtesy : Wikipedia 


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