Rustom could teach you patience.

Cast : Akshay Kumar , Illeana Dcruz , Arjun Bajwa , Esha Gupta .

Direction : Tinu Suresh Desai.

Plot : Rustom is based on the famous  Nanavati case , where an army officer kills his wife’s boyfriend . 

My views : Let me start with a disclaimer , this review is just for the first half of the movie . I contemplated about watching the second half during the interval ,and realised I didn’t have the patience to watch the second half.

Rustom Pavri played by Akshay Kumar is always seen in his uniform . I dunno if the producer forgot to get him other clothes . He is seen in crisp navy uniform even while in prison . Where does he get the extra pair from ? Who washes , bleaches and irons it for him ? He is always seen with a straight posture with his head held high in all the scenes . Wonder if his neck never hurt .

The entire movie is in sepia and the only bright and colourful thing around is Arjun Bajwa’s suits . They come in varied shades of bright orange  . His acting is terrible . Each time he comes on screen , there is  background music which indicates danger .

Illiana Dcruz as Cynthia , looks pretty . She wanted to get back at Rustom , because he went on a official tour for 6 months ? I found that really stupid . Her make up looks as if she was bruised . 

The direction is pathetic . In every scene , the camera zooms in on all the actors present in the scene for 5 seconds. Imagine that happening in the court room scenes .

On the whole , watching Rustom was waste of time and money for me . What interested me was my box of nachos .

Quotes that caught me :

Sorry Rusi.

We must help our fellow Parsi.

He is all alone 

This is an open and shut case . 

No , you cannot. 

Bhagwan to Kya , main bhi aapko nahin bacha saktha.

Remometer : 1/5

Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.

2 : I will never watch this again.

2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.

3 : One time watch on the big screen.

3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.

4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .


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