Dangal- the trailer impresses.

This is my blog post # 75 and I wanted my blog post # 75 to be about, the movie review of ADHM . But the trailer of Dangal released this morning and I couldn’t hold myself from pouring down my adoration of the trailer , after watching it . I want to dedicate this post to my mother , because of her ‘never say die’ attitude , which is very similar to what the protagonist portrays in the trailer .

The first time I watched it, was in office , in low volume , I could barely hear what was being said . But I got carried away and clapped for a particular scene(1:30) . The clap was in low volume , with low intensity though.

I immediately pinged my friend and we started discussing about the trailer , and about its similarity to Sultan . We were soon to dismiss off the similarities , because the only two similarities  we could find were that, the two heroes ride a similar colored bajaj scooter and the other obvious similarity was the core of both of movies was wrestling . The similarity ends here .

Dangal is a true story , based on the journey of four wrestler girls , one being Geeta Phogat . Having read a couple of interviews given by Geeta Phogat and being roused by them , I must say that the short glimpse of Dangal has impressed me . I believe , Dangal is about realizing one’s dreams by grabbing onto the opportunities presented to us , even if it may not seem to be the most viable and best at that point of time. I am definitely looking forward to watching Dangal . I probably may not be able to catch it on the first day , due to personal reasons , but I will watch it for sure .

You can watch the trailer here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_7YlGv9u1g




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