Rust and Bone(2012) – DVD Review.

Cast : Marion Cottilard ,  Matthias Schoenarts.

Direction : Jacques Audiard

Language : French.

Plot : Rust and Bone , is about an unusual relationship between Stephanie(Marion Cottilard) and Ali(Matthias Schoenarts).

My views : I decided to watch , rust and bone , because it was a hit at film festivals and has received multiple standing ovations. That was all i knew about Rust and Bone , when i decided to watch it .

It starts with a 2 images transposed on each other , where there is ocean and some hand movement that is shown.The camera later pans into a homeless father and son , who happen to be Ali and Sam. They are also shown asking for hitchhikes , eating from dumpsters . The film gains pace, when Ali and Sam , move to Ali’s sister Anna’s place.

There Ali comes across Stephanie , while he is working as a bouncer at a club .

Marion Collard as Stephanie is a fiercely independent lady who trains Killer Whales . Her life takes a huge dip , when she meets with an accident , which causes her legs to get amputated. The scene where her amputated legs are revealed , was a cringing one for me , as it was not expected . The movie then focuses on Stephanie , who goes into depression and does not want to rely on anybody for help . That is when the selfish , animal like Ali comes into her life , and gives her life a new lease . He helps her fight her weakness as a challenge . I liked the way Marion portrayed Stephanie , the way she slowly boxes her way back to life and doesn’t let any hurdle come in her way of rejoicing life. A scene that i particularly rejoiced , was the one where she decides to meet her ex-colleagues after her accident.This made me feel that ,it probably is one’s outlook towards life that makes it good , bad , strong or weak. It is all in our hands.

But the movie , loses focus when it tries to focus on Ali’s boxing dream . Ali didnt look convincing as a boxer to me , mainly because of his pot belly . He is a person who acts instinctively , who doesn’t want strings attached in his life.But certain incidents change him into a caring and loving person .

I wouldn’t recommend watching ‘Rust and Bones’ with children around, because of the amount of nudity involved. Otherwise , it can be watched for Marion Collard.

Quotes that caught me :

A human arm has 27 bones.

Don’t go by looks.

You are such a pain.

You are dressed like a whore.

Quick Fucks?

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