Sparsh(1980) – A YouTube watch.

Cast : Naseerudin Shah , Shabana Azmi .

Direction : Sai Paranjpaye.

Plot : Sparsh is a 1979 national award winning movie . It revolves around Anirudh(Naseerudin Shah) , a blind man , who is the principal of a blind school . Kavita(Shabana Azmi) is a recluse , who has been mourning the death of her husband for the past 3 years. Sparsh is about events that happen when their parts tread.

My views : Sparsh has been on my to-watch list for quite some time .

Sparsh , which means touch , actually did touch me . It was not just the performace of the lead actors , that touched me , even the little kids touched me with their cuteness and innocence.

Naseerudin Shah as Anirudh is mostly referred to as Aap and Sir in the movie . So , i found it wierd when he was referred to as Anirudh , couple of times in the movie . He was first referred to as Anirudh , at 1 hour 27 minutes into the movie , and i was looking around the screen to see who Anirudh was . He reveals multiple layers of him . His strength is that he is independent and confident. He doesnt like depending on anybody to get his things done . He can dance , make tea , and even tie his tie. But, it is said that over usage of one’s strength can turn it into weakness.  SImilarly , his confidence is later seen as an inferior complex of being blind.

Shabana Azmi as Kavita /Mrs Prasad /aunty ,  truly touched me with her performance . As the movie begins , she is seen as a recluse , who is seen spending time with her mini plants and songs . The feeling of emptiness is evident in her songs as well as her eyes . She stands firmly for her love for her husband and later for Anirudh . My heart felt heavy , when she experience heart break.

Of the kids , I found Ram Pyaare Saxena and Paplu to be cute. Paplu who is not blind , yearns for aunty’s love and his even ready to give his thumb to aunty , as it happened in Mahabarata.

I found the film to be progressive of its times . It is Kavita who proposes to Anirudh , and convinces him that love is all they need in their lives. She is shown living alone without any support.

The blind are not stereotyped in Sparsh , and blindness is not shown as a handicap here.They are trying to empower themselves and don’t want sympathy in any form.There are a lot of fine moments in Sparsh , like the one where she feels the sari by touching it multiple times, she is buying instead of going by the color . There is another beautiful moment , where Kavita ditches the hair brush for perfume . I also liked the scenes where Kavita doesnt let her break up with Anirudh come in the way of their professional life . She also learns Braille and writes a couple of books in Braille. There were moments in the movie , where Anirudh’s scorns towards Kavita hurt me as viewer . But she was stoic and appeared to be understanding , without lashing back .

Less music is used as background score , instead natural sounds like the tick tock of the clock , sound of birds , footsteps. The end is open to the viewer’s intepretation . I would suggest those who havent watched Sparsh to watch it , and those who have watched it can watch it too , for i am sure that this one is not going to let you down.

Quotes that caught me :

Ram pyaare Saxena aur Paplu , Paplu aur Ram pyaare saxena.

I will pay for your darn crockery .

You are full of self pity .

Yeh raha aapka bill , 79.50.

Main bhi toh andhera main rahti hoon.

Sparsh on YouTube :

Image courtesy :,_1980_Hindi_film.jpg




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