Saaransh – A YouTube watch.

Cast : Anupam Kher , Rohini Hattangadi , Soni Razdan.

Direction : Mahesh Bhatt.

Plot : Saaransh is a 1984 film , which is about an elderly couple , who are trying to come to terms with the loss of their only son.

My views : Saaransh starts with Pradhan , waking up early in the morning , around dawn , to write a letter to his son in New York . It is while he is halfway through the letter ,it is revealed to the viewer that his son was killed in New York , by a few mobsters.

Saaransh can be termed as very high on raw emotions . Anupam Kher as B.V. Pradhan is emotionally broken and cannot come to terms to the fact , that his only son is no more now.Rohini as Parvati , Pradhan’s wife , is a home maker, with very little exposure to the world. However,she stays strong and tries to impart emotional support to the broken Pradhan.

Pradhan is headstrong and humble at the same time . There are moments , when he apologizes to people ,younger than him , for mistakes he feels he has made. He is an atheist , while Parvati is a pious woman . Pradhaan tries to vent his sorrows out through tears and anger , while Parvati bottles it up with hope.

Soni Razdan as Sujatha , gives the couple a purpose to live . The scene where Parvati breaks down , when her last straw of hope , breaks is extremely emotional . Soni Razdan is feeble , helpless in a city , where there are goons behind her life . Pradhan and Parvati , tend to her.Parvati tends to her ,due to more selfish reasons , while Pradhan does it out of humanity.

There is a scene , where Pradhan says , that to live , one needs to have a purpose in life . He turns into a much stronger and braver man , once he finds his purpose in life . He turns into Sujata’s protector once he finds his purpose in life. I liked the scene where he slaps the drunkard ,who is abusing him . I feel , one needs courage to , walk up to someone who is openly abusing you.

Another emotional moment for me in Saaransh , is when Pradhan goes to the customs office , to collect his son’s ashes . The pain of spelling it out is too much for him , that he points to the words written , in the paper , that is in his hands. And later ,he breaks down , when he has to utter the words out .

Nilu Phule , as Chitre saab , has given a chilling performance. He is a Thackarey-type politician , who needs his way out in every situation . He relies more on his henchmen , than his son . His fame and position ,is more important to him , than his son’s life.

I also liked watching old Bombay in the movie , where the roads are still wide , but less crowded. One place I could recognize was the Asiatic library.

On the whole , Saaransh is about courage , hope , coping up with loss , about being there for each other and ultimately , moving on. It is a good watch , a movie , I will watch again , but probably not soon enough , because of the intensity of the raw emotions captured in it .

Quotes that caught me :

Parvati,apne devi devathaye se bhi bida lena , marne ke baad , na dekhenge unhe.

He died ! He died ! He died !

Ajay bhi bhindi chod deta tha ,thali mein.

Yeh duniya bhagwan nahi , insaan chalaata hai.

Main galat tha , jeene ke liye himmat chaahiye.



  1. Saaransh is Anupam Kher’s screen debut .
  2. Interestingly , David Dhawan is the editor of Saaransh.
  3. Saaransh , was India’s official entry to the oscars.
  4. Anupam Kher , was only 28 , when he played the role of a retired headmaster.

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