Dear Zindagi is realistic.

Cast : Alia Bhatt,Shah Rukh Khan,Kunal Kapoor,Ali Afsal

Direction: Gauri Shinde

Plot: Kaira(Alia Bhatt) is a DOP who is yet to get a break in bollywood.She is commitment phobic,and is very quick to call off relations.She undergoes a depression,when Raghu(Kunal Kapoor),her current boyfriend,gets engaged to somebody else.’Dear Zindagi’ is about Kaira coping up with the various situations life has to offer her,with the help of Dr Jehangir Khan(SRK).

Nutshell view for the time crunched :

+ves : Full of life,positivity,light and breezy.

-ves: A tad too lengthy.

My thoughts in detail :I decided to watch ‘Dear Zindagi’ because it is from the director of ‘English Vinglish’.I stepped into the theatre,with high expectations,and I must say that,Gauri Shinde,didn’t let me down.

Dear Zindagi,is about real life issues,which many of us would have come across,at some point or the other.Issues with parents,friends,boyfriends,landlord,job and almost every other issue is covered in the movie.

Alia as Kaira goes through a emotional curve,where she hits rock bottom and pops back into life.She is equally convincing when she is depressed,angry,joyful and jealous.She comes across as complicated,with her set of problems in life,but she is someone most of us will be able to relate to.She gets uncomfortable,when she has to discuss about her emotional problems with her doctor.

SRK as Jahangir Khan/Jug is a bottomless jug of wisdom and anecdotes.He begins by telling that the mind is also a part of the body,like any other organ,and like any other organ in our body,the mind is also bound to fall sick.So why get ashamed,when one has to go to a doctor who deals with the mind.That made a lot of sense to me.

He is Kaira’s BD aka Brain Ka Doctor.He is calm,non judgemental,supportive and patiently listens to Kaira,assuring her that she doesnt have to feel sorry for the choices she makes in life.The stories he narrates(ex:pyarelal climbing the everest,kursi story etc) to comfort Kaira are thoughful and very comforting.Alas,I wish all BD’s were like Jug.The world would have been a better place,with lesser people struggling with their emotional worries,with a BD like Jug.

The conversation between the three friends,Fatty,Jackie and Kaira,are normal everyday conversations,which I could relate to.The conversations are kept simple throughout.I liked Jackie better because she has more screen time.

I found many scenes to be realistic,like the scene where I felt like hugging Kaira,after she chucks Raghu(Kunal Kapoor) out of Jackie’s house.Jackie did the hugging for me in that scene.The scene where Kaira wonders,what she would speak to her parents for 10 minutes,was very relatable to me.

I found the rapport between Jug and Kaira incredible.I liked their beach session the most.The scene where Kaira explains the story of little Kaira was very heart wrenching,and that is the scene i liked the most.

Out of Kaira’s boyfriends,I liked Ali Afsal the most.He was out to woo Kaira with his flirty eyes,music and tone.

What touched me most,is the portrayal of the fact,that a parent’s attitude towards the child plays a very important role in shaping up the child’s well being.As Kaira puts it across,how i wish a lot many people realise this fact before they decide to have kids.

The beauty of Goa has been captured well,through the lens.I liked the songs as well.There is lot of situational comedy in the film.A scene that had me in splits,is when a family friend asks Kaira,if she is lebanese.

I would have watched Dear Zindagi,once more on big screen,had it been shorter in length.I felt it stretched a little towards the end.I would suggest you to catch Dear Zindagi,at a screen near you.

Quotes that caught me:

Hot?bas yahi mera talent?

Mera bhi long term relationship ho sakta hai.
Single hona aur criminal Hona ek hi baat hai
Personal and professional separate rako,always.
Are you a Lebanese?
You know,we call it gollywood now.
So..dirty fast!
Hum log apne zindagi ka steering wheel,apne haath main na lete,toh doosre log usme baytenge.
I like people who smell nice.
Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin your beautiful future.
Goof up:
Jug takes a white cycle for cycling with Alia,but later he is seen riding a brown cycle.
Remometer: 3/5








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