Bhavna(1984) – A Youtube watch.

Starring : Shabana Azmi,Rohini Hattangadi,Marc Zuber,Saeed Jaffery.

Plot:Bhavna is about the life of an orphan girl named Bhavna.It is about the strange ways life takes her through and how she stays strong amidst all the tragedies in her life.

My view: My admiration towards Shabana Azmi,got me to watch Bhavna.

Bhavna played by Shabana Azmi is an orphan,who finds love in the form of Ajay,an artist,who is not on good terms with his father.Ajay and Bhavna soon get married,but things take a turn when Ajay realises that love is not enough for him to survive.He returns to his dad,after leaving her pregnant.

Pain,loss and deceit refuse to leave Bhavna.She is cheated,first by her husband and then by one,whom she considered her brother.She is forced not to visit her son.In between,all this deceit,the only one who stands by Bhavna is Shobha,played by Rohini Hattangadi.

Shabana Azmi was awarded the best actress award for Bhavna in 1984,and this is a must watch for all her die hard fans.She made me feel the same pain and anxiety Bhavna went through with her acting.There are times when Bhavna loses hope in life,but she puts up with life and stays strong,just to ensure that her son,whom she is kept away,from leads a good life.

Bhavna is a movie that needs to be watched at least once by all those who love movies.




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