Avidathepole ivideyum(1985) – A youtube watch.

Starring : Mammooty,Mohanlal,Soman,Innocent,Shobana.

Direction:K.S Sethumadhavan

Plot: Avidathepole ivideyum is about 2 room mates,who marry each others sister’s.

My View: I decided to watch Avidathe pole ivideyum,after i came across an article discussing about who could be cast if Avidathe pole ivideyum is being remade now.

Avidathepole ivideyum has a IMDB rating of 7.3/10.This movie is directed by K.S Sethumadhavan,who is best know for directing Julie.

Avidathe pole ivideyum takes on cultural clash,when people of two different mind sets get married to each other,without a background of the other.

Mammooty as Anirudh is a village lad,who shifts to Ekm as part of his job.There he meets Suku played by Mohanlal,who is a city bred lad.

Shobana as Sujatha is a village belle,who has hardly any dialogues to speak.She is seen nodding her head,looking down and biting her nails most of the times.She is seen speaking mono syllables,except for a scene or two where she speaks two sentences in a row.

Though the movie is set in the early 80’s,there doesnt seem to be much difference in the attitude of people even now.In one scene,Aniruddhan’s wife,Neelima is rebuked for not wearing enough gold,to show people around,despite of her being a newly wedded bride.There is a lot of hue and cry,when the lady speaks her mind.

In another scene,Anirudhan is seen burning with jealousy and anger,when he sees his wife,interact with her male friends.

But something i liked is,the way Anirudhan always lends his support to his wife,whenever she is rebuked by his grandma.

Suku and Sujatha have a much peaceful life.

The costume designer made his job easy,by getting Aniruddhan and Suku,the same shirts(probably of different size),which they are seen wearing in different parts of the movie.

I enjoyed this movie because of the nostalgia the movie’s setting brought along,for ex the ambassador cars,the gold spot bottles and most importantly,the superstars without their starry get up and dialogues.

I feel Avidathe pole ivideyum is a movie,even if remade now,with minor changes to suit current era,will find social relevancy.

Btw,who do you think would fit in,if this movie is being remade now?

Quotes that I liked:

Quality yude kaaryathil njangal aanu top.

Bloody Serrrvant!

Nalla oru pooja muri venam.

There are certain things in which I am very particular.

Suku etta,dhaiva kopam undaakum.

Neelimè,mind your bloody tongue,you bbbbbbb…

Shut your bloody mouth and get lost.

I can never tolerate anybody s ego.

YouTube link : https://youtu.be/op4pRU1_qy8



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