Thaniyavarthanam(1987) – A youtube watch.

Cast:Mammooty,Mukesh,Thilakan,Kaviyoor Ponnama,Saritha,Baby Sonia,Oduvil Unnikrishnan.

Direction : Sibi Malayil

Plot : No malayalee would need an introduction to Thaniyaavarthanam.For the uninitiated,thaniyavarthanam revolves around the Mechemparambil family,which is infamous for its hereditary mental illness.

When Sreedharan Maama(Babu Namboothiri) passes away,it is believed that the next in line to be deemed mentally ill is Balagopalan(Mammooty). Thaniyaavarthanam is a very heart wrenching story of how society turns an absolutely mentally fit person into a mad person.

My Views: Thaniyaavarthanam is one movie that has registered in my mind as the first movie i ever watched in a theater. I must have watched others,but the memory of watching thaniyaavarthanam is still fresh.I remember,demanding that we sit in the front row,so that we get a full view of Mammotty.

Mammooty as Balagopalan is the quintessential valiyettan,who loves his big family and sacrifices for his siblings.He is a jovial school master,who is known for being late to school,due to his habit of talking to everybody he meets on the way to school.I liked his bonding with his daughter Manikutty(Baby Sonia).

Thilakan as valiyamaama is strict and most of the times,his screen presence brings fear.He is very particular about following rituals,and hates making any kind of compromise to it.

To me,thaniyavaarthanam is undoubtedly one of Mammooty’s best.His helpless look in the climax does not need any dialogue to convey his pain and helplessness.

The movie follows a dull and sad feel from the beginning.The movie gets emotional exponentially after Sreedharan mama passes away.Balagopalan is automatically chosen as the next one in line to go mad.People hush each time he passes by.Each and every move of his is scrutinized,which ultimately leads to him getting frustrated and irritated.And these moments of irritation and frustration is perceived by the society and family as madness.There comes a moment in the movie,where he doubts himself to be mad.

The scene where he is introduced to people who have come to seek his sister’s alliance,as an outsider,brought tears to my eyes.I thought that was the saddest scene until two scenes later,where he is pulled away for a shock treatment from his wife and kids.And the climax scene is even more heart wrenching and upsetting.

Thaniyaavarthanam is one of the best malayalam movies,i have watched and will always be one of my favorites.It is rated at 8.4 on IMDB.

I would suggest one and all to watch it again.And do let me know,who you would think would be a good fit for Balagopalan,if thaniyaavarthanam is to be remade now?I would say,Nivin Pauly.How about you?

Youtube Link :

Quotes that caught me:


Muthassi,enikku praanthu varumo?

Alla maashe,gandhiji ippozhumundo?

Satyathil aara normal?

Manikuttyum Anikuttanum braanthan Balante makalaayee valarano?







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