BQFF 2017 : Movies & Documentaries that I liked.

This weekend marked the 9th year of the Bangalore Queer Film Festival,and I am glad i got to watch a couple of the movies and documentaries.While some didnt make sense to me,some really touched me.A few changed my perception as well.

Below are the list of movies & documentaries,that i feel are worth a watch.

23C : A tamil short film with a twist at the end.It comes with a realistic twist at the end,which is very touching and relevant in our times.Unfortunately,even images of this movie is not online.

Guru- A Hijra family : This one is a one hour long documentary,which changed my perception towards transgenders,and has made me more compassionate towards them.It gives an insight into the daily life of a transgender and her daughters.It was very disheartening for me to see the situations they live in.Most of them are abandoned by their familes at a very young age and they are left to live their life,either by begging or by being sex workers.All they have is their hijra family,which consists of a mother and sisters.Of the lot,kuyuli is my favorite.


Naked Wheels : This is a documentary in malayalam,about two individuals who underwent sex reassignment surgery,and how they are almost in-existent in the society.This was also a very sad one.They do not get jobs,the government does not support them,even though they pay taxes like any other indian.This one needs to be watched if you get a chance.The actor in the movie,Smilie was also a part of the screening.This is my favorite of the lot.


Knock Knock : Though this one does not fully follow the queer theme,this was an out and out comedy.

Room for rent:This one was a thriller with a twist.Watch to see what happens when Leticia brings Gabriela home.

Trailer : Room for rent trailer



Apollon : This was one was a funny one about a skinny teen,who dreams of having a big dick.Something which had me in splits,was where he switches to a banana diet,to get a bigger one.

KA bodyscapes: This one made sense to me in bits and pieces.However,it failed to connect with me in a true sense.This revolves around Haris,a gay painter,Vishnu,who is Haris’s muse and Sia,a rebel by herself.Haris lives life on his own terms and gets into trouble because of that.Something that was news to me was the napkin protest that was covered in the movie.The napkin protest was an event that happened in Kochi and i felt ashamed that i wasnt even aware of something that happened in my own city.Though this one is watchable,i felt the director has tried to stuff in a lot in the movie.I would have liked it better,had he focused on any one.I feel this one needs to be watched a couple of times,to understand better.Something interesting to note here is that,this movie has been banned all over India.

Trailer : KA bodyscapes


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2 thoughts on “BQFF 2017 : Movies & Documentaries that I liked.

  1. The fact there is a Bangalore Queer Film Festival, is proof of India’s progression.
    Sounds like some interesting movies here. Your favourite of the lot, ‘Naked Wheels’; sounds really interesting.
    I am surprised though, how, if the movie ‘KA bodyscapes’ is banned all over India, it was shown at Film Festival???
    From the collage of pictures above, I’ve seen the short film, titled ‘1992’ (top row, middle picture)!!


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