Saira Banu inspires with her guts of steel.

Cast : Manju Warrier , Shane Nigam , Amala Akkineni , Jagadish , Sunil Sukhuda , Raghavan.

Direction : Anthony Sony.

Plot : Saira Banu,is a doting mother to Joshua Peter,who share more of a friendship than a parent-child relationship.Joshua Peter is wrongly accused of murdering a migrant worker.The rest of the story is about Banu’s attempts to proving him innocent.

My views in a nutshell:

+ve : Humor , Inspiring , powerful message .

-ve : Stretched .

My view in detail :

C/O Saira Banu,is set in Cochin.It starts with a glimpse into the everyday life of the mother-son duo.Saira Banu is seen juggling various activities at home.Her son Joshua Peter is a law student,who is aspiring to be a photographer.He eats,sleeps and walks with his camera.

Manju Warrier as Saira Banu brings in powerful performance to C/O Saira Banu.She is the strength of the movie and it rests solely on her shoulders.She is earnest as Saira Banu,a doting mother who shares a friendly relation with her son.She brings in lot of humor in the first half.Watch out for the scene where she is giving her driving test,it had me in splits.She never loses her ground even when she is standing in front of Adv. Annie John Tharavadi,she still continues to be the humble and down to earth Saira Banu.Saira mentions that she just has a basic education,is not rich and comes from a very humble background.She sticks on to that humbleness till the end of the movie.

Shane Nigam as Joshua Peter,is in a much relaxed role,when compared to his previous outings.Joshua is an aspiring photographer,who prefers staying out of trouble,but usually gets accidentally pulled into it.

Amala Akkineni as Adv Annie John Tharavadi,is a person who stands by the truth,irrespective of the person who is fighting her.Her stance for truth is told many times through out the movie.She is an advocate,who the other advocates dread fighting against,because her name alone is required to ensure a victory in every case she takes up.

The first half is filled with lot of fun elements.The movie takes a turn when it is revealed that Adv. Annie is the public prosecutor who will be fighting against Joshua Peter.What held me on to my seat,was Manju Warrier.The movie moves from a realistic approach to a situation which was difficult for me to digest,in the second half ,and that is when it loses steam.However,all of it is compensated in the courtroom with Manju Warrier’s performance and a strong message she delivers.The rapport between Manju & Shane sets the audience on a laughing spree.Like any other mother & son,these two also fight,make up and celebrate life.


There is a scene where it is mentioned that Saira Banu,is a very strong woman,and she deserves an applause.

I would suggest you to watch C/O Saira Banu for its heartwarming story & performances.C/O Saira Banu will definitely not disappoint you.

Quotes that caught me :

We have got our own customs and food habits.dhaivu cheythu thondravu pedaade.
Enthaanu ithra busy?
Oonu angane ulla idengerinnonum nikoola chechi.
Peter nte elaa picture lum daivathinte oru touch undaayirunnu
Hand of God kaananam alle.
Vaapichi enne achaalam muchaalam thechu.
Satyathil ee saira banu,oru salute deserve cheyunille,a big salute.
Banunte chevikku kuzhapam onnumillalo.
Ningade makan oraale konnu
Helmet evide
Annie nu parayunathu ambedkar onnum allalo
Arjun go inside .
Joshua Peter ..Joshua Peter .
It was nothing more than a brutal homicide.

This is MY court.

Bengal il kaha hai.Siliguri district.

Chatathu keejakan aananenkil konathu bheeman aanennu
Achan ilaathe valarunna oru kunjinte vishamam enikku nanaayittu ariyaam.
Remometer : 3.5/5
Remometer Legends :

1 : I ran out of the theater.
1.5:I almost ran out of the theatre.
2 : I will never watch this again.
2.5 : average . Can skip watching on big screen.
3 : One time watch on the big screen.
3.5 : Fan girl. Will definitely watch again , that too on big screen.
4 : Overwhelmed. Can’t stop thinking of it . Deeply moved .


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