3 Men and a funeral in Thithi.

Plot : Thammegowda , Channegowda , Abhishek H N

Direction : Ram Reddy.

Plot : Thithi(Funeral) is a Kannada film. It revolves around the thithi(funeral) of a 101 year old family head,Century Gowda, and the attitude of the family towards the death.

My view in a nutshell:

+ve : Funny , Realistic.

My view in detail :

Thithi has been on my watch list for quite sometime,basically due to the recognition it has received from various quarters.

Thithi is about the attitude of three generations in a family,when they hear about the 101-year old family head,Century Gowda.

Century gowda is shown in the initial 5 minutes in the movie,following which he passes away.He does manage to make an impact in those 5 minutes.He is also remembered by various people of more or less the same generation,especially women.


Gadappa is Century Gowda’s eldest son,who thinks his father’s death is no big deal. He is a carefree wandering gypsy,with no attachment to his son.He is my favorite in Thithi.He cares less about money.His principle in life is to be happy,no matter what.He is calm and composed.He owns land worth lakhs,but is reluctant and lazy to transfer to his only son,who is in need of money.


Thamanna is Gadappa’s son,who has his eyes set on the family land,after century gowda passes away.However,he is in a fix,as Gadappa is not really interested in transferring the land to Thamanna.The lack of interest in Gadappa,can be attributed to his carefree attitude.Thamanna is determined to get the land and can go to any extent to get it his in name,including getting a fake death certificate of his father,and in the process,he even sends his father on a trip,to never return back to the village in a long time. He is seen running from pillar to pillar,to borrow money,for the thithi and also to make documents for the land sale.

Abhi is Thamanna’s son,who is shown doing illegal jobs like cutting wood,sand lifting etc.He works once or twice a week to make enough money to sustain him for the rest of the week.He too like his father,does not have a good rapport with his father.He is hooked onto porn in his mobile.He gets involved with a village belle,Cauvery,who belongs to a travelling group of people.

Thithi is realistic,which portrays life in a village.It has people who one can relate to,people doing realistic work.The villagers are more interested in the food that is being served for the thithi,than the thithi itself.There are elderly villagers who wont let Thamanna go ahead with the funeral rituals,unless Gadappa turns up.


A movie based on a funeral could be one with a dull mood,but thithi hardly has any dull moments.There are no songs that ruin the mood.I would suggest you catch Thithi,because it is an experience by itself.

Thithi Teaser : Thithi Youtube teaser

Image courtesy :  https://www.google.co.in/search?q=thithi+poster&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjg28Cws7zTAhUaT48KHaRnDh4Q_AUICCgB&biw=1366&bih=641#imgrc=d0_ibRZWYzjhTM:




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