A 50 year old Pareeksha.

Cast : Prem Nazir,Sharada,Adoor Bhasi,Thirkurushi,PJ Antony.

Plot : Vijayan works as an accountant in Cochin.In one of his visits home,he volunteers to his uncle who he is indebted to,to help his son,Appu,clear the tenth standard exams.For the same,Appu shifts with Vijayan to Cochin,to attempt his tenth standard exam for the third time.There they meet an old acquaintance of theirs.Pareeksha revolves around Vijayan s romance with Yamuna.

My views :

I decided to watch Pareeksha, with no particular agenda.

However,it hooked me on till the end. It is a movie with a simple plot and melodious songs.

Prem Nazir is Vijayan aka Vihari.in his leisure time,he publishes poems under the anonymous name of Vihari.His writing is a hit among the youth,ESP women.However he prefers to stay anonymous,to avoid the limelight.

Sharada as Yamuna is the secretary of a Mahila samajam,who is a fan of Vihari.She mentions that she is an admirer of Vihari,in a chance encounter of hers with Vijayan,without knowing he is Vihari.It is love at first sight for Vijayan.Watch out for the double meaning conversation between the duo in the book shop,using book names.

Yamuna is a lady with a mind of her own.Remember, that this is a movie which released 50 years back.in a particular scene,she decides to break up with Vijayan,after he insults her father.

P.J.Antony as Vijayan’s ammavan is seen vigourously shaking his head,in every scene.

My favourite in Pareeksha is adoor Bhasi,a PT teaches .one scene that particularly stays in my mind,is where he is trying to throw a shot put.it is very Charlie Chaplin ish and much better than the kind of humour we see today.

Thikirushi as janardhan mash is Yamuna s father and a man of principles.His principles matter more to him than anything else.He shares a very jovial relationship with his wife and daughter.

The movie starts with Appu failing his tenth standard exams,following which he moves to Cochin to stay with Vijayan.However,there is no mention of the exam till the last 40 minutes or so.

The poor is depicted with a sad background music.Each time P.J Antony comes on screen,there is a sad background music in the background.

The songs are melodious and catchy,esp ‘annu ninte nunna kuzhi thelinjitilla’. The lyrics hardly have any jargon like today. I also liked the song,oru pushpam mathramen.

One thing i noticed is,that most of the actors are more dramatic in every scene,something which attributes to their experience in theatre before entering movies.I was also surprised to know that ladies association existed 50 years back as well.Outdoor location shoot is almost nil in Pareeksha,most of the scenes seems to have been shot in a studio.

Pareeksha is available on YouTube and I would suggest you catch it on a lazy day.

Quotes that caught me:

Mathrabhumi dinapathram…..pareeksha falam.


angane parayaruthu aniya…

avane ente koode ninnu padikatte.

innu oru meeting undu,pena evide.

pradhaana praasangigan aayee nammuku prasidha kavi bihaari ye kshanikaam.

Vihaari de etavum puthiya pusthakam vanille.

daahikunna hridhayam undo?

Pinneyum thotto?


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